Not surprisingly, there was a bit of a gain on the scale yesterday.  Even though I knew it was going to be up, I was happy to go.  As I was walking there, I thought to myself, if you read a post where someone had an off week, would you call them a failure, tell them they aren’t worth it and they should just give up?  Well, of course that answer is no, so why would I tell myself those things?!

5.11.17 003

I need to learn to treat myself with the same kindness I would give anyone else.  So that’s what I am chalking that up as – just an off week.  I am refocused.  I am still fitting into my size 12 pants.  Yesterday is gone, and today I will focus on making good choices.  I had a Premier protein chocolate shake (2), hard boiled egg (2) and fruit for breakfast.

5.11.17 005

The farmers market opened yesterday for the first time this season, and my new office is right across the street.  I met my friend Jacky there.  We walked around to see what was there.  Of course, so many baked goods, fresh breads – I wanted one of everything!  But I bought my favorite mushrooms, my favorite tofu, my favorite granola and something for lunch.

5.11.17 007

I wish I had a green thumb – so many gorgeous plants, but sadly I am only really good at growing weeds and killing everything else. 

5.11.17 009

5.11.17 011

Jacky had Rock N Roll noodles before, and while I would have gotten a noodle bowl, it was easily two cups of pasta and I would have eaten the whole thing.  We opted to get the lemon grass chicken over a salad.  I didn’t use the peanut sauce, but asked for hot sauce on the side.  The salad was already lightly dressed.  

5.11.17 012

The chicken was cold, so I opted to nuke that for a minute before assembling my salad on my dinner plate.  This was SO good.  Light, crunchy, the chicken was so flavorful – I need to figure out how to make lemongrass chicken at home.  I counted this as 12 points because I added a bit of peanuts on top and I wasn’t sure what the dressing was.

5.11.17 020

When I worked the farmers market in Lincoln Square last summer, the vendor across the way from me was River Valley Ranch and Kitchens.  They have a restaurant/grocery store that I’ve been wanting to go to.  One of these weekends I’ll have to take a drive there.  

5.11.17 036

These cremini mushrooms are amazing.  Why I didn’t like mushrooms the first 40 years of my life, I will never know.  I knew I would incorporate them into my dinner somehow.

I worked late so didn’t get home until 7:45.  I bought these thin chicken cutlets last weekend that I needed to use or freeze.  Supa cheap!

5.11.17 039

Hannah wanted spinach tortellini that I bought at Trader Joe’s last week, so I took 1/2 a cup of that (5) as the base of my dish.  While I sauteed the mushrooms, I put my chicken cutlet in the same pan with the lid on.  Just salt, pepper, garlic powder, crushed red pepper on the chicken, stuffed with fresh spinach, rolled it up and it was cooked in about 7 minutes because it was so thin.

I tossed the tortellini in 1/4 cup of marinara sauce and topped the chicken with a tablespoon of shaved Parmesan (1).  This whole dish came in at 10 smart points.

5.11.17 048

Guess what I am having tonight?  PIZZA!  Although it’s a new crust I found at my grocery store – about a 7 inch personal crust that comes in at only 4 smart points.  That leaves more points for cheese – oh, and these mushrooms – definitely going on there too.

I am happy to report that my cough is almost gone!  Only took three weeks 😛  If it’s rainy tomorrow I am going to the gym.  And since I missed my WW meeting yesterday, I am stopping by my old meeting with my old leader Marci.  

The topic couldn’t be more perfect for me this week – STAY THE COURSE!

“We all do it—that slight or not-so-slight slide or detour from the plan. We might not track so carefully, or maybe we eat a little more ice cream than we intend to, or we sleep in instead of taking that morning walk. Stuff like that. Whether or not it shows up on the scale, you’ll want to course-correct quickly.

The first step is recognizing that a slip isn’t a big deal (or a deal-breaker). That’s essential to remember: If you think it is a big deal, you may be more likely to throw in the towel, and a comeback can be harder. Turning things around is a matter of small steps—and mindset shifts. As your Weekly lays it out, looking at a slip from a fresh perspective and giving it a reality check can steer you right back on course. Whether you analyze your reaction to the slip from a factual point of view (“Is it really true that I never stick to my SmartPoints®Budget?”) or from a friend’s point of view (“You overdid it at one meal—big deal. You can get back on track at your next meal.”), you’re more likely to arrive at a helpful thought that gets your head and your plan back in the right place.”

Hope you have an amazing weekend – and Happy Momma Day to all the Mom’s out there. 😀  Hugs!