I think that I am really a home body.  I used to blame my late husband on us not going out that often, but truth be told, I love being home.  Near my kitchen, making my own food.

But on the other hand, I am a very social person and I love meeting people!  I had the best time last night meeting some amazing WW women.

Marianne (@ww.italianwifey on Instagram) put this together.  I guess this is the third get together, but the first one I went to.  It lucked out that I already had the day off for my mammogram, otherwise I never would have made it to Oak Brook in a Tuesday by 6 p.m.

The good thing about having a dinner on a Tuesday is that we were able to use their private room – how cute is this?

I was the first one to arrive, because I wasn’t sure how long the commute would be during rush hour – it took me just over an hour to get there.  And I did have wine – duh. 😀

Marianne talked about not having a support system, so she made her own – love!

It was the second day in a row that I had mussels and I am not sad about that at all.  This was in a chunky spicy tomato sauce and they were amazing.  I counted this as 2 points for the sauce.

I shared this fava toast with my new friend Tina.  I need to recreate this at home – it was so good!

Tina got the milanese chicken salad.

And I got to meet my bestie – Tina!  We’ve been IG friends for a while – she lives about 45 minutes from me and she was the one who told me about this dinner.  She’s just as funny in real life and I know we’ll be friends for a long time.  If you don’t follow her on IG – you need to!  (@takingbacktina_ww).

She’s lost 50 pounds is so close to goal.  She’s a teacher by day but does dance parties in her kitchen with her kids at night, and it’s not unusual for her to do stories from her bathtub.

Because of my mussels for dinner vs. the pasta with sausage I was eyeing, I managed to have a 16 point dinner – and because I am doing the 100 days of honest tracking – tracked the wine!  I know!

It will be a quiet day today, I hope.  No going out tonight because we will be going out tomorrow for Hannah’s birthday!  My baby is going to be 27!!!

Hard to believe.  Alright, my internet keeps going out on the train, so I am going to publish and come back later and fix any mistakes.  

Happy Wednesday – make it a great day and don’t eat like an asshole.

Love, Biz