I had a plan yesterday.  Because it was Hannah’s birthday and we were going out to eat, I wanted to keep my breakfast and lunch on the low point side.  Breakfast was 6 points – 3/4 cup steel cut oats (3), Kashi cinnamon squares crumbled on the side (2) and a tablespoon of sugar free pancakes syrup. (1).

While it was still busy at work, because there were blue skies I was determined to get out and walk.  I met my sister and her co-worker Jenny and we walked for about 40 minutes before they had to head back to work.  

Lunch was pork tacos – 3 ounces of leftover pork chops (3) in two corn tortillas (3) with mango, strawberries and cucumbers on the side.  

 I was happy that I had 18 points going into dinner.


I already knew what I was going to get – steamed edamame for my appetizer (3) and the bowl of ramen soup which I guestimated to be about 13 points.  Perfect!

But that’s not how it went down.

We beat the dinner crowd by getting there at 8:30.

Hannah wanted to eat in the outdoor patio and while they normally wouldn’t serve just one table out there, I pointed it out that it was her birthday, and if she wanted to eat out in the patio, that’s where we were going to eat.  In a nice way of course!  It was perfect!  The music was great, we had heaters above us so it was a bit chilly and warm at the same time.

One of the things on the menu was “hot rock” appetizer and Jacob asked if I wanted to split that.  Cooking meat on a hot rock? Um, yes please!  It came with this really seasoned salt mix, vinegar cucumbers and this delicious spicy dipping sauce.

And while I am the queen of checking out menus before going anywhere, I don’t know how I missed that they had an “eruption” spicy burger.  

I am really picky about my burgers.  The meat has to be flavorful and seasoned right, cooked medium rare the way I like it (this was!) and perfect bun to burger ratio.  Nothing worse then getting a burger and the bun is too big, or it falls apart when you eat it.  I made Jacob take a bite of this and he also agreed it was an amazing burger.  Did I mention I got spicy fries with that burger (that we all split).

I love that smile.  She was nervous because she wanted to go there for the sushi, but was happy that both Jacob and I loved our food – Jacob even ordered smoked salmon sushi and loved it!

We had such a fun night.  It was like we had our own private party for three!  Earlier in the day Hannah and Jacob got donuts, and when we got home, I mindlessly ate 1/2 of a chocolate donut.  Oh and I had two beers at dinner too – the first time I’ve had alcohol in over a month.  So while I had 18 points going into dinner?  I ended up spending 56 points for the day.


Oh, and you’ll notice I am -22 points for my weeklies?  That’s because someone got her snacky pants on.  On Sunday and Monday night for some reason I just could not.stop.snacking.  I used 35 points (all my weeklies!) between Sunday and Monday night.  It’s like my old habits are trying to creep back. 

I spent a couple hours going through old pictures to post for Hannah’s birthday, and of course saw tons of photos of me and Tony together.  I also “announced” that I am 1.2 pounds away from losing 20 pounds, and it’s almost as if I am subconsciously  trying to self-sabatoge myself.  Why?

It got me thinking that I am not sure I’ll ever be able to eat “normally” and by that, I mean that I am always going to be aware of what I am putting in my mouth.  But I have to figure out why my bingy ways are sneaking back in, because it is most definitely not welcome.  

I am going to also purge any temptations from my pantry as well.  

But my sister and I have had said that good or bad, we are always going to weigh in, and I plan on weighing in tomorrow, owning it and moving on.

I have my food packed for today, I have a healthy dinner planned, and I also plan on hitting up the gym for a “last chance workout.” 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Hannah!  I know she had a great day, and that makes this Momma very happy.

Make it a great day!  Every day is a new beginning πŸ˜€