I actually don’t mind getting a Timehop that stops me in my tracks.  Obviously nearly 99% of all my Timehops are food related because it grabs the memories from Instagram and Facebook.   Yesterday I had two Tony memories:

2.14.17 010

I remember that he called me last minute and wanted to know if I could break away from work and meet him for lunch.  I think this was the first time we went out to eat after his January 2014 nine day hospital stay.  I remember he ate hardly anything and I ate nearly my whole Reuben sandwich Smile with tongue out

2.14.17 012

Jacky, you’ll laugh because I went back to the post where Tony gave me this basket.  That night I didn’t go on the computer at all and we caught up on some of our DVR shows.  When I woke up the next day to blog for the day, when I turned on the computer, this is what he put as the background picture.  (For new readers, it’s a long story about this blogger – I had one of my most controversial posts in 2012 – you can check it out here if you feel like it).


But neither of those posts made me teary.  Sad, yes, but I just continued on with my day and got myself ready for work. 

While I said I was going to up my protein for my meals this week, for some reason Chobani always keeps me full.   I made this banana parfait with my one point fruit sauce (this time cranberry and blueberry) with one Nature’s Valley granola bar crunched over the top.  This whole thing was only 6 smart points.  I actually like how you can see the Chicago skyline in the reflection with our blue skies with puffy clouds Open-mouthed smile

2.14.17 016

My co-worker picked up a McDonald’s parfait that was maybe half the size of mine and 7 smart points.   Um, mine was better Open-mouthed smile


My sister and I were walking buddies again yesterday.  We both decided we don’t walk north very often, and as we were chit chatting away, I realized we were right by The Chopping Block so we stopped by so she could look around.  I saw some people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was nice.

2.14.17 023

2.14.17 024

It was high 40’s, and with that weather I am fine with a fleece jacket.  In fact I probably would have been okay in just a t-shirt.  I know Shelley you are shaking your head on that one!   And Mom, I am fully prepared for you to tell me that I need to trim my bangs 😀

Since I spent nearly my whole lunch hour walking, I ate lunch at my desk.  I wasn’t feeling what I meal planned, so I had an egg white spinach sandwich with a serving of pretzels (which I already ate before taking this picture!) with carrots/cucumbers at Goddess dressing.

2.14.17 027

It wasn’t until I was leaving work, and walking through the train station and everyone was buying chocolates at Fannie Mae and buying flowers with the special vendors that were there, that I really missed the thought of racing home to Tony and making us a nice Valentine’s dinner.   The kadults had plans, so it was just me.  The longer the train went along the tracks closer to home, the more I was thinking “just get a deep dish pizza and a bottle of wine!”  And I was 90% sure that’s what was going to go down, regardless that I’ve already spent my weekly points and have no extras left for the week.  Who cares?!

Turns out I do care.  I turned my mindset around, and as I walked to my parked car, talked myself into coming up with something that I already had at home, and within my points for the day.  Here was my inspiration:

2.14.17 030

Leftover ground pork from my pork egg rolls over the weekend, jalapeno and this Laughing Cow cheese that I picked up because it was on sale.  Can’t remember the last time I bought that!  This recipe is for one, but obviously you can multiply it for however big your family is.  Maybe I should write my recipes out for more than one serving?! Smile with tongue out

2.14.17 019

These were so good!  I am trying to think, but I don’t think I’ve ever used ground pork in making tacos before.  Tony didn’t like the smell or taste of pork the last couple years before he passed away, but I am not sure he would have gone for these even when he did like pork.   Hannah thinks that cumin smells like an old man’s armpit, and I could just hear Tony yelling from the living room “What Smells Like Ass?!”  If I ever write a cookbook, that’s going to be the title Open-mouthed smile

And a huge thank you to my parents-in-law for sending me this sweet card – thank you and love you!

2.14.17 029

So I didn’t succumb to my typical emotional eating – #nsv!  I had a nice cup of coffee after dinner and that was it – kitchen closed!

Here is your Wednesday Words of Wisdom – make it a great day!