It’s amazing when you have an organized pantry what you realize you have on hand.  I have no less than four cans of mandarin oranges, five cans of water chestnuts and six cans of tomato paste.  What I also found was a whole drawer full of red potatoes.  Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the pantry Hannah, I promise I’ll try to keep it organized! Open-mouthed smile

So with the red potato find, my potato pancake breakfast was born.  One potato was 7 ounces (5 smart points) and I just shredded it, squeezed out any liquid, added a tablespoon of egg whites, a tablespoon of flour (1) salt and pepper and made two pancakes.  I put my skillet on medium high heat with some grapeseed oil (1) and Pam and got each side browned, then turned the heat down to low, put a lid on the pan to let the potatoes cook through.  It took about 10 minutes total.  Then I topped the pancakes with an egg/egg white scramble (2) with spinach, then topped with salsa and a tablespoon of cheddar cheese (1).  This was a delicious 10 smart point breakfast!

8.31.16a 002

I had my list of things to do yesterday and am happy that I crossed off more than half of them yesterday.  I think it has to do with being the first day of September, but I always feel a bit more organized when the school year starts, even if I don’t have little kids who are going back to school.   As I was running errands and heading back home, I could feel my blood sugar start to drop.  I pulled over and checked my blood sugar and sure enough it was 67.  Rats.  I had planned on taking a long walk when I got home.  As luck would have it, I was right by our favorite local Mexican restaurant take out place, and picked up lunch for us.

8.31.16a 004

Steak taco (5) and I measured out 1/3 cup of rice and 1/3 cup of refried beans, even though I wanted to eat the whole container.  And their spicy red salsa is pretty amazeballs.  Lunch came in at 10 smart points.

My step-son Joe’s best friend works for Divine Chocolate USA


Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the 85,000 farmer members of Kuapa Kokoo, the cooperative in Ghana that supplies the cocoa for each bar of Divine. As owners, they get a share in the profits, a say in the company, and a voice in the global marketplace.

Thank you for supporting Divine Chocolate’s efforts to make the world a place where chocolate is cherished by everyone, including the family farmers who grow the cocoa.

He sent me an assortment of their chocolate bars to recipe develop for them.   It’s funny because growing up I hated dark chocolate.  In fact every Halloween, that was the first thing I did was dump out my Halloween candy and give my Dad all my Special Dark candy.  But now?  I love it.  I thought I would try to make a savory recipe with the chocolate and decided to make a BBQ sauce.  I am calling this a Korean BBQ sauce, but I have no idea if it truly is.  All I know is that it turned out amazing.

8.31.16a 009

8.31.16a 012

8.31.16a 013

8.31.16a 015

8.31.16a 018

I was worried that the BBQ sauce would taste like chocolate sauce, but it actually has a great flavor on its own.  But what makes this amazing is when you grill it.  The chocolate kind of caramelized on the chicken and it was spicy, sweet, tangy and smoky.  I grilled up bone in chicken breasts.  I asked Jacob if he wanted BBQ sauce on his chicken, and he politely declined.  His loss, because this was delicious.

8.31.16a 006

Chef Carrie at my work is a big BBQ person – I am going to bring some to her and see what she thinks.   My next idea?  A shrimp curry dish with the dark chocolate with mango and coconut bar.   In my head that turns out, but we’ll see!  It was fun getting creative in the kitchen yesterday. 

Another gorgeous day in Chicago – right now it’s 66 degrees and sunny.  Love!  September and October are my favorite weather months.

Make it a great day!