Morning! I am writing this post from my iPhone on the train ride to work this morning. I caught the 10:30 train ride home last night after work, but it doesn’t get my home until 11:40 – it makes every single stop at that time of night and I am the second to last stop.

Last week I came home from work and Hannah told me “Mom, you can’t wear those pants anymore, they are too big.” What?

I remember around Thanksgiving I went through my closet. Wait, I need to rephrase that. Hannah thought it might be a good idea to go through my closet and she’d be happy to help!

We made a pile of stuff that fit but I never wore for Goodwill. The left hand of the closet was stuff that fit, and the right hand side of my closet, separated by an old wooden hanger Tony used to hang his suit on.  The clothes on the right were all clothes I liked, but didn’t fit.  Like 10 pairs of pants didn’t fit. šŸ™

When my Mom was over on Sunday, I tried on the first five pairs of pants on the right side of the closet, and guess what? They all fit!

On December 22 I weighed 176. Last week I was 166. I forget that because I am so short, ten pounds is a pant size for me.

And all because I am following the Weight Watcher plan. No trying to trick the system, no pounding water the day before a weigh in hoping to “flush” away my indiscretions from the previous six days.

Just counting my points. Planning my higher point meals within my day to still be in the healthy range. It really is that simple. I just wish it hadn’t taken me this long to figure out! ??? make it a great day!  I’ll be posting my pork chop and polenta dish with lemon pepper sauce that I posted on Instagram on Sunday.