Today is my roommates birthday – his GOLDEN birthday – happy 27th Jacob!

What some of you may or may not know is that Hannah and Jacob met at the bus stop when they were in 5th grade.  He went home and told his Mom that he met the girl he was going to marry.  So sweet!  They didn’t start dating until high school, but they were made for each other.  They love spending so much time with each other (much like me and my late husband) and I love how much they love each other and laugh.  That’s one of my favorite things when I hear them in their room just laughing for hours. 

Jacob’s Mom is going through chemo for breast cancer.  Her hair started falling out, so Jacob helped her shave the rest of it off.  Hannah started a Go Fund Me page for Val – you can check out out here.  She most likely will be out of work at the end of this month, but luckily qualified for medicare to pay for her continued treatment.

I am so happy to have gotten to know Jacob these last four years they have lived with me.  I love you Jacob – I hope you have an amazing birthday!

My chia pudding train is alive and well!  Although I showed people on my Instagram story how I meal plan my chia pudding by making it in 3 cup portions.  I forgot to mention that it would either be three one cup servings at 5 points, or six half cup servings for 3 points.  Someone made it and told me it was so much food she couldn’t eat it all. 

My portion is 1/2 cup pudding, greek yogurt, fruit and Safe + Fair chocolate granola.

I met my friend Tia downtown for lunch – she was busy doing, being, making dreams come true, you know, like we both do. šŸ˜€

Check out her new website – I swear she is going to be the next Rachel Hollis – you heard it here first!

She suggested Mercadito in River North.  So good!  Although I am a bit pissed that there were no complimentary chips and salsa – but that helped me stay on plan.

Um, I’ll definitely go back for the spicy margarita!  I had iced tea.

I got the shrimp tacos in bibb lettuce, with a side of black beans and rice.  Tia got carne asada tacos with a side of elotes.  Everything was so flavorful and delicious!

If anyone has a great black bean recipe, I’d love to have it.  These beans were creamy, but still had some “bite” to them, and so flavorful.  Yum.

Over the weekend I grilled up some turkey tenderloins, but only cooked them about 75% through, knowing that I would be reheating them later this week.

I was out of my Dak’s BBQ sauce, but since it’s so easy to do, within 7 minutes of walking in the door I already had a batch made.  No need to cook – just blend and you are good to go!  Don’t forget to use my 10% discount code if you want to try Dak’s – they are salt free seasonings and the steakhouse is my favorite.  My code is Bizzy10 šŸ˜€

I simply sliced the turkey thin, pan fried it in Pam for about 60 seconds a side over medium high heat, then tossed it in the BBQ sauce.  The turkey and BBQ sauce or zero points, the bun was 4 points and I had 3 points of fries on the side.  

I realized after I took this picture, that I should have added baby spinach, or pickles to give this photo a bit of a punch, but for 4 points, this one is a winner.

We are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate Jacob’s birthday – the last March birthday in our family – but I’ve already scoped out the menu and plan on getting a cup of soup for my appetizer and the ahi tuna salad for my entree.  

My DietBet group is amazeballs!  As of this morning I have 550 participants and the total weight loss is 995 pounds!  Holy balls.  I guess money is an incentive to not eat like an asshole.

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!