You can imagine after having a food blog for any amount of time, you get your share of offers.  Whether it’s people wanting to guest post on my blog and talk about something completely unrelated – like yesterday when I got an email saying that they “loved my content” and could they please write a short article about breastfeeding on my blog?!   Being diabetic I also get lots of emails about products about artificial sweeteners, and early on I would say yes to those products, but literally every artificial sweetener I’ve been sent tasted like ass – I’ll stick to a teaspoon of real sugar, thank you very much.

At the end of last year I got an email from Jennie-O, (check out their Facebook and Twitter!) asking me if I wanted to be an Ambassador for them in 2017.  Hmmmm.  Now that’s something I can use!  But truth be told, I haven’t used ground turkey in a really, really long time.  I had to do a google search on my blog and realized the last time I used ground turkey was in 2010.   After last nights dinner, I am kicking myself for not using this product more often!

Their theme for January is Back to Routine/Resolutions.  After many weeks of hardly grocery shopping or meal planning, it’s been nice getting back into that routine since Christmas.   I will admit the thought of ground turkey turned me off, because it was usually dark meat and I didn’t actually like the flavor all that much.  But they sent me extra lean turkey BREAST!  Gah, sorry about the awful kitchen lighting Smile with tongue out

1.9.17 061

1.9.17 063

Guys – FOUR ounces of ground turkey is only 1 smart point.  EIGHT ounces is only 3 points!  (for the record, I am making a turkey burger for dinner tonight the size of my head).  I meal planned mostly from my pantry/fridge and freezer this week, only spending about $30 on groceries.   The only thing I needed to buy was the coleslaw mix.  I got 20 wontons out of this recipe, or one smart point per wonton.  I cooked them all up and will keep in the fridge for a few days – I plan on using some in a soup later this week, and if I don’t use the rest, they will freeze well.

1.9.17 062

This is the brand of stir-fry sauce that I use – it’s only 1 point per tablespoon and it’s super spicy and delicious. 

1.9.17 064

These are the wonton skins that I use. I found them at Wal-mart – they will be in the produce section where all the pre-packaged veggies are.

1.9.17 065

1.9.17 066

1.9.17 067

1.9.17 068

1.9.17 069

1.9.17 045

Yep, had to use the shelf on my lamp to take these pictures!  But seriously, this literally took about 20 minutes from beginning to end, and if you have a family, you could divide and conquer and do an assembly line – one person puts the mix in the wontons, another one seals it shut with water, and another to crimp and cook.  8 smart points for 8 wontons.  I made some steamed broccoli on the side and did just a drizzle of sriracha, more so for the color than the spice, because I think the Szechwan sauce is very flavorful spicy.

THANK YOU Jennie-O for reintroducing me to this amazing lean protein.  Cannot wait for burger night tonight.


Here was the rest of my day:  Parfait for breakfast – 6 points (1 cup of Chobani, 1 cup of my frozen fruit sauce – did mango/blueberry this time – yum! topped with 1/4 cup frosted shredded wheat); lunch was leftover beef and bean chili with PB2 and an apple – 7 points.  I walked at lunch yesterday – it was 28 degrees outside, but with the wind felt like 20 – but I’ll take that over zero degrees any day of the week.   I drank TWO of my Weight Watchers cup before leaving work, and then using a Starbuck’s gift card got a tea for the train ride home.  I was going to get a coffee, but couldn’t figure out what to order that would be point friendly, so I picked tea which was zero points!

PicMonkey Collage

So now the question of the day is:  How many of you have used Jennie-O turkey?   What is your favorite recipe using ground turkey?  I am all ears! 

Make it a great day!