You guys.  Thanksgiving is in TWENTY TWO DAYS!  Yes, I am shouting that because I can’t really believe it.  This year has flown by and I need to stay focused during this holiday season.  I love my Weight Watcher leader Mickey.  I think she said it last year, that typically she attends six holiday events during the season.  That season lasted from Halloween until New Years Eve.  That’s 63 days of the holiday season.  She would splurge on the 6 days she had events that really mattered, but stayed on plan the remaining 57 days – genius!  

Who said we just had to throw our hands up in the air and say – “it’s the holidays! – I’ll get back on track on January 2.”  I don’t want that to be me, and the more I write about it, the more I feel it will be in my subconscious and keep me on track.

But this recipe won’t break the calorie bank, and it tastes like Thanksgiving in your mouth.  Only a handful of ingredients, minimal amount of cooking and you’ve got a delicious dinner.

My inspiration came when I got the package of Perdue ground turkey for .99 a pound in the meat bin.  It also helped that now that it is so close to Thanksgiving, there are stacks of holiday “foods” around every corner at the store.  I saw the turkey stuffing mix and thought, why not use that as my binding agent in these meatballs?  

I prepared the whole box of stuffing, but only used 1/4 of the box prepared or 4 points of stuffing.  I omitted the butter from the recipe – just brought the water to a boil, added the mix, stirred and let sit for 5 minutes.  I added about 1/2 cup of stuffing to the meat mixture.

I got 20 meatballs that size below out of this recipe.  I put it in the WW recipe builder and each one is one point.  Turns out three balls in my mouth was plenty!

These were so good guys – just Thanksgiving in your mouth!  I added turkey gravy and served over mashed potatoes to round out my dinner.  Delish.


I had a picky plate for breakfast yesterday – guys, my delicata squash biscuits will be live today later on The Chopping Block – these will be great for your Thanksgiving dinner.  My friend Jeana came up with the name #delicuits – love!

Jenn and I walked Macy’s yesterday, but somehow I can’t seem to download them into this post – lots of cute snowmen!  And while I love Christmas, can we just get through Halloween first?!

I had my leftover balls for lunch.  With some of the leftover stuffing.  So good.

My friend Toby at work gave me a bag of Brussels sprouts and that inspired my pizza last night.  I had leftover dough, but decided to use a tablespoon of this spicy hummus for the base – delicious decision if I do say so myself.

While I waited for my baking steel to get to temperature, I sauteed some mushrooms, and just at the last 30 seconds, added the shaved Brussels to the pan.  I only added salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.

I added goat cheese and quesadilla cheese – so worth the points – this pizza was 11 WW points.

I had to clarify my use of parchment paper for the pizza.  Sadly I had many people buy the baking steel, make a gorgeous pizza on the parchment paper, and then somehow try to lift it off and place it on the steel – I guess I didn’t clarify  that the pizza stays on the parchment paper the whole time.  Build it on the paper, pick it up and place it on your baking steel, stone, baking sheet – whatever you have, and remove it with the parchment paper.  It not only helps with clean up, but my baking steel is super heavy and hot as hell – it basically stays in my oven most of the time.

That dough I used was on Day 8 – I’ve used it up to 14 days old, but that’s probably pushing it – but I think it’s safe to say that you can use it for 10 days.  The dough gets wetter the longer it sits so you will need to knead it with a bit of flour before using it.

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!  Let me know how many balls you can fit in your mouth – and let me know if you make this. 😀  Hugs!