UPDATE!  I had to update the photography for these Homemade Snickers Bars since my daughter Hannah was able to take some photos during the day – you can see how much better these cut once they were cold from the fridge – thanks for your photography skills Hannah!  

You can find the detailed recipe here. . . .

Homemade Snickers Bar

Morning!  This is going to be super quick because I was Bizzy last night in my kitchen getting ready for our company’s pot luck today.  I made a delicious orzo salad with zucchini and corn, with a balsamic glaze and marinated mozzarella.  It tastes like summer even if we are in single digit weather!

Yesterday was our company’s cookie contest, and well, being the competitive person I am, I just had to enter.  Only one tiny problem.  I don’t bake much! 

12.12.16 004

Well, the Cookie Rookie came to my rescue!  These snicker bars are amazingly simple.  The only thing that bakes is the shortbread for 20 minutes which whips up in a snap, then you melt caramel, add salted peanuts, melt chocolate and that’s pretty much it.  There were about 20 entries, and I was shocked when they announced my name for second place!

12.12.16 014

Bragging rights AND a $75 gift card?  Thank you!  I really need a pedicure, so that may end up being spent on that.  A little pampering would be nice!  So after I made my orzo salad last night, I had to watch the Voice season finale, so that’s why this blog post is short and sweet – you know, like me! 

Stay warm my midwest friends – make it a great day!