I got an email reminder from one of my blog readers (Hi Rachel!) to ask for the 3 smart point naan bread I posted on Instagram last week with the hashtag #receipecomingsoon and I forgot to post it!  Thanks for the reminder Rachel Open-mouthed smile


I love the texture of these.  Slightly crisp on the edges, but soft and pillowy on the inside.  And at only 3 smart points, so many possibilities!  Naan pizza, breakfast naan, base for falafel.  Okay, now I need to make falafel!


Since yesterday was a work day, I usually don’t do any formal exercise because I easily get 10k steps during work, not to mention all the heavy lifting I do packing up my car, unpacking my car, setting up the tent, breaking down the tent THEN bring everything back to the shop to clean and put away.  But yesterday I looked at the clock and thought “you have time!”  I am more than used to the work load and can’t use that as an excuse anymore.  Guess what I did?  INSANITY!


Longtime readers will remember that the summer of 2013 was my summer of Insanity.  I did it for 100 days straight (unless the schedule called for a rest day).  Can I just say that I am still so out of shape!  Ugh.  I was able to do about 70% of the workout, with modifications too.  But I remembered it being hard the last time I tried it, and I know that after 30 days I was able to do pretty much 90% of it without modifications. 

As I normally do on my work days, I eat a late breakfast.  Well, because of my ambitious idea for breakfast, and how close it was before I had to leave for work, basically after this photo was taken, I pulled the steak off, chopped it up, threw it in a plastic container with the eggs and broke the tostada into pieces to eat in the 50 minute car ride to work.  Still tasted delicious!  Two tostadas (5), 3 ounces steak (3), 1/2 ounce cheese (2) and 1/2 cup of egg whites with baby spinach.  10 smart points and a whopping 39 grams of protein, this kept me fueled and full for hours. 


This cut of beef I used is called sirloin tip steak.  Look for it in your grocery store, because it has every bit of flavor as a New York strip, but nearly half the price.  My store sells this cut for $3.99 a pound vs. $8.99 and above for New York strip and ribeye.  It looks like this:


For breakfast I just cut a square piece out of the middle and will use the rest of it for stir fry or in an egg white scramble.  Still has a bit of marbled fat, but not much so it’s a lean cut of beef.

It was a hot day, but there was a nice breeze.  I only had about 30 minutes of slow traffic from about 4:30 – 5:00, but then it picked up and I ended up selling $1,050 worth of burgers in 3 1/2 hours.  Nice!


It was so steady busy that I didn’t have a chance to eat my wrap until I got in the car after packing up around 7:15.  Um, Dietz & Watson, I didn’t know you made a sriracha deli chicken!   I made a sriracha chicken wrap with reduced fat cheddar cheese and baby spinach on Aldi’s flatbread.  I ate half my sammie in the car back to the shop and was going to finish eating it on the way home, but while unpacking at the shop, my lunch bag fell out of the car, and the other half of my sandwich fell into a puddle.


Here is an idea of just 3/4 of the stuff I have to put away when I get back to the shop. 


While driving home, there was a bad accident that closed two of the right lanes, so it took me nearly an hour and fifteen minutes to get home.  I wasn’t upset about it.  The way I look at it, is I wasn’t in a car accident, and what’s another 25 minutes – I turned on the Peter Gabriel station on my Spotify and just enjoyed the music – and the fact that I was sitting down. Open-mouthed smile

My boss usually meets me at the shop to unload all my stuff, but his wife wasn’t feeling good and he asked if I minded closing the shop by myself.  No big deal.  He told me he left my money in the desk drawer, and when I opened the drawer, this was what was on the envelope:


So I picked up a frozen pizza.  I know I had planned on eating steak for dinner last night, but it was nearly 10:30 by the time I ate, and I just didn’t feel like anything heavy sitting in my stomach before going to bed.  I did not know Gino’s East pizza (Chicago chain) made a thin crust frozen pizza.  First I’d like to thank them for making the serving size 1/4 of the whole pizza.  I hate when I pick up a frozen pizza and a serving size is 1/6 – really?  Who eats just 1/6 serving of a frozen pizza?  1/4 of the pizza was 8 smart points.  I picked up turkey pepperoni and accessorized the pizza with the pepperoni and baby spinach, then a drizzle of balsamic glaze to finish it off.  Two slices = 10 smart points.  Perfect!




I’ve always talked about my gift of sleep.  In fact when Tony and I first got together he couldn’t believe that 1.  I could fall asleep so fast and 2. that I hardly ever moved during sleep.  I found an app called Sleep Cycle.  You place your phone screen side down and it will somehow track your sleep.  Just like when I worked at the restaurant, it didn’t matter if I was on my feet for 8 hours, I still take time to watch t.v. or go on Facebook before going to bed.  I went to bed at midnight and woke up around 8:30.  Check it out:


It said that it would give me a good indication of my sleep patterns in just five days.  You can see after two days, I average nearly 8 hours of sleep.  And this morning – at 6:00 I woke up to go to the bathroom and at 7:00, Rummy barged into my bedroom to say good morning. Open-mouthed smile

Another market day in Lincoln Square today.  High near 90 again, but no chance of rain so I’ll take it.  I never had time to get mushrooms at the market yesterday, but plan on picking up some today since the mushroom guy is right across from me.  I still have two and a half hours before I need to leave for work – plenty of time for activities! 

Make it a great day!