Hanging out with Hannah yesterday morning was so nice.  The weather was perfect outside and it was just nice to catch up with her one on one.  Jacob and Hannah went out to eat last week when I was working one of the night markets.  Um, turns out they don’t cook a lot if I am not home.  When I was meal planning with what we had on hand, I found a box of French fries, and decided to make hash browns with them.


3 ounces of hash browns (4), two slices of bacon (4) an egg and egg white scramble (2) and fresh fruit. 

I got busy on some computer work – still the never ending SEO changes to old blog posts, updating my visual recipe index, etc.  I was all set to go on my walk, but my blood sugar was only 104 – perfect, but too low to walk or exercise because it would drop too much.  I took no insulin with lunch – a picky plate – one of my favorite things to eat.  Chilled buffalo shrimp (2), tzatziki with carrots and cucumber (2) rice crackers (2) ounce of cheddar cheese (4) and cherries for dessert.


When I was at the store picking up veggies, I may have wandered over to the cheese aisle like I do.  If it was possible, I think I could handle having an all cheese refrigerator!  But I saw that one of my favorite Cabot Cheese’s is being discontinued, so I had to stock up!  The Farmhouse Reserve is probably my favorite – perfect amount of bite and it melts really well.


I ran my errands, came home, checked my blood sugar, and it was still only up to 143.  So crazy.  I didn’t want to eat more just to work out, so after declaring on Facebook on my Healthy for 2016 group that my August goal was to get 10k a day except for a rest day, I ended up using yesterday as a rest day. 

At the Evanston farmers market, there is a tofu stand next to us.  Phoenix Bean is the largest supplier of tofu to Chicago restaurants.  Check out this article here.   I always buy a container of their spicy tofu, but as I was packing up, the girl gave me a package of soy noodles, which I’ve never tried before.  They are soft like fresh pasta, and while there weren’t any cooking instructions, after a couple google searches realized it cooks in boiling water in about 3 minutes.


1/3 of the package, or basically one cup cooked, is about the same calories as regular pasta, but check out the carbs – only 3 grams!  And 19 grams of protein!   I didn’t think Hannah and Jacob would like those noodles so I made them soba noodles.  We did a “build your own stir fry” bar.  I cut up a bunch of veggies, and everyone picked what they wanted.  Mine had zucchini, broccoli, water chestnuts and carrots.  I made a quick stir fry sauce – 1 teaspoon Thai chili sauce mixed with 1 tablespoon black bean sauce and 1/8 cup of starchy water from the cooked noodles.  The black bean sauce is 1 point per tablespoon, and there are no calories in the Thai chili garlic paste.


The perfect bite:


I loved the noodles.  They have a great texture and the sauce held onto it really well.  It was a giant bowl of food for only 7 smart points!  And I was happy that Weight Watchers liked the picture on Instagram Open-mouthed smile


I’ll leave you with cute pics of the dogs.  Our nine year old neighbor cuts my grass and the dogs love sitting in the grass after its been cut.  I like how far apart they are in this picture!




I’ve got WW this morning.  Then I have another appointment in Chicago this afternoon.  Can’t talk about it yet, but hopefully it will turn out great.  I just keep throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks – and it would be amazing if this opportunity turned into something.  So send me your positive vibes my way – I’d appreciate it!

Alright, off to fix breakfast and get this day started – make it a great day!