I had my first WI after vacation yesterday.  I lost a pound!  But who are we kidding, I’ve been up, down, up, down the past 11 weeks since I’ve been going to meetings.  But I do enjoy the meetings, and our leader is really good.  I am sure people at the meetings who see my diverse point friendly meals are looking at me like “why doesn’t she lose any weight?!” Smile with tongue out


One of the women brought in these ziploc bags that she said help her with portion control with stuff like chips.  She bought these at Walmart – when she gets home, she divides the big bag into servings, and then just grabs one bag.  Um, me?  I’d probably grab 2 or 3, hence the no weight loss!


I’ve been looking at bento boxes for my packed food on the days I work at the market.  Some of them can be very expensive!  I never noticed that Weight Watchers had one, and it was only $5.99.  Sold.  The big container holds 5 1/2 cups, the one on the left holds 2 1/2 cups and each of the small ones is one cup.  I’ve been packing stuff in ziploc bags, but if the bags touch my ice block, sometimes the food feels soggy.



I normally bring my breakfast to WW, but I was running late.  So when I got home, I had time to put these egg white zucchini breakfast tacos together.   Each taco is only 3 smart points, which made a filling 9 point breakfast.


3 corn tortillas (5) 1 cup egg whites with shredded zucchini (1) with 1/2 ounce cheese (2) topped with shredded radish and 2 tablespoons guacamole (1).  I could literally eat that for breakfast every day and not get sick of it.  If I had a breakfast food truck, this would definitely be on the menu!

Hannah and I ran all sorts of errands yesterday.  We ended up noshing on some popcorn chicken while grocery shopping at Walmart – I am counting that as my 8 point lunch.   I had some rotisserie chicken to use up, so I decided to make chicken enchiladas for dinner – except with a tomatillo salsa.  This is really a cheaters salsa because I used a small can of spicy red salsa with the fresh tomatillos.  I’ve seen this salsa at Jewel and at Joseph’s, my local grocery store.



Or be like Hannah and eat it still warm from the blender.  This was the perfect amount of spice for her #winning!  Love that she calls me the salsa queen too Open-mouthed smile

My enchilada for dinner:  1 Mission low carb wrap (4) three ounces rotisserie chicken and chopped baby spinach (1) 3/4 ounce cheese (3), guacamole (1) and 1/3 cup yellow rice (2).  Topped with red cabbage and radish – so good!


I heated up a non-stick skillet with Pam, and after the pan got hot, seared the enchilada on both sides, starting with the folded side first to hold it together, so the enchilada had a bit of crunch to it.  Can you guys tell I love Mexican food?!

Timehop showed me that two years ago was when I made my first peach pie.  In nearly 14 years of marriage to Tony, I never knew he loved peach pie!   By the summer of 2014, most food didn’t even appeal to Tony and if I got him to eat anything, it made me happy.  So I went to town on this peach pie.  It was cooling on my kitchen counter when we got the call from Mayo that they wanted us up there asap.  I ended up giving my first and only peach pie I’ve made to our next door neighbors before heading out to Rochester.  My neighbor declared it the best pie he’s ever eaten, so maybe before this summer is over, I’ll get to make it again.  I’ve actually never even eaten peach pie!


And three years ago, I was already on Day 50 of Insanity!  I wish I could get that motivation back that I had three years ago!


Today is my long drive farmers market day, but I do it by myself, so that makes me happy.   Just hoping the rain stays away until after the market closes!

Make it a great day!