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Copycat Baja Fresh Salsa

Copycat Baja Fresh Salsa
This Copycat Baja Fresh Salsa has been made routinely in my house for 11 years.  It is so flavorful! The Baja Fresh restaurant near us closed down several years ago.  In fact the closest one to me know is in Wisconsin! Luckily I had a small container left and my late husband and I were trying to figure out what the black flecks were in...
June 1, 2021

Tomatillo Jalapeno Salsa

Tomatillo Jalapeno Salsa
I had my first WI after vacation yesterday.  I lost a pound!  But who are we kidding, I’ve been up, down, up, down the past 11 weeks since I’ve been going to meetings.  But I do enjoy the meetings, and our leader is really good.  I am sure people at the meetings who see my diverse point friendly meals are looking at me like “why...
July 20, 2016

International Can-It-Forward Day! Giveaway!

International Can-It-Forward Day!  Giveaway!
Depending on your age, I think almost everyone in the 40s, 50s and 60s grew up with someone in their family canning.  For me, it was my Grandma and my Mom.  My first experience with canning was when we would pick my grandmas almost black purple grapes into a big basket and would carry them into the kitchen of my Grandma’s house.  There she would...
July 30, 2015