It is not surprising that I had a gain going into my WI yesterday.  I thought maybe a couple pounds from vacation – note this is a two week WI, but still.


When I saw 2.4 on the sticker, I thought “well, that’s not too bad!”  Um, no – that’s how much I am up from the first time I weighed in April – so I am up 2.4 in three months.  In case you are wondering, this is what I looked like at that same weight three years ago before I started my Insanity summer challenge of 2013.


So time to start getting my act together.  It’s funny because my brother Charlie just posted online the other day: “”Come on Charlie, one more time. I got a feeling about this one.” ‪#‎diet‬‪#‎dayone‬ ‪#‎SurelyTHISOneWillBeDifferent‬  We both have decided that stress (for him) and grief (for me) are only excuses.  I need to follow my sister’s lead, and make each day the best you can.  Don’t think about yesterday, or tomorrow, just today.   She continues to avoid all the food at work, she gets up before work to get three miles in, even on days when she doesn’t feel like it, but in the end, never regrets getting up when she’s done.

My meals are spot on – smart point friendly and if I could just stick to those I’d have lost 15 pounds by now.  It’s all the snacks, dip, chips, wine, etc. that I have to kick to the curb.  I sound like a broken record, don’t I?!

I ended up bringing my breakfast to the WW meeting.  Overnight oats!  I know, they have been around forever, but I never thought I’d like cold oats, but this was delicious.  I always use Chobani plain yogurt, because then the breakfast isn’t too overly sweet.   And as luck would have it, my store sells it 10/$10 every three weeks. 😀


So as I think with most Weight Watcher locations in strip malls, on either side of the meeting is a pizza by the slice place, and a Mexican restaurant.  Two doors down is a Dollar General.  I’ve never been in that store before, but a sign caught my eye – “stop in for Ribeye while supplies last.”  WTF?   Curiosity got the best of me!  I scanned the bar code and this came in at 3 points.



The first thing I did was wash it off to get any excess sodium off, then patted it dry.  I cooked it up in my cast iron skillet with the Hardcore Carnivore Black rub.  Since it was so thin, it literally took only 1 minute per side.


I let it rest for a minute, then sliced it up to make a steak and cheese sandwich.  The steak (3) with 1/2 ounce Swiss cheese (2) the flatout wrap (2) with mixed greens.  I then heated a pan with Pam to get some crunch on the flatout bread – my sister likes that this is soft, but I need a bit of texture.  On side I had half a serving of veggie straws (2) and watermelon.  9 points total and while this doesn’t even compare to any steak I buy at the Fresh Market, in a pinch, this wasn’t too bad.  It still cracks me up that I bought meat at the Dollar Store!  I am still having technical difficulty with downloading pictures, hopefully in 12 hours when the picture downloads, I’ll add it.

I was all set to go the the gym when I took my blood sugar.   Rat farts – it was 65.


So I did not eat any chocolate like I would with low blood sugar (go me!) instead I ate a banana and a large bag of watermelon and went to run some errands.  When I was at my family reunion I was talking to my cousin John and he’s doing a low carb/high protein diet, so I was telling him (and everyone else that I can!) about the black rub, so I sent him a bottle.  When I got back home, my blood sugar was up to 183 – high enough for me to walk, but not run.


I walked about 1/4 mile from my house to a road that has a lot of shade and it didn’t feel too hot – maybe it was 85 yesterday?  I got back and my blood sugar was back down to 67.  Not going to lie I wanted to eat everything and anything.  The kadults weren’t home so I could have done some serious damage.  But I stopped, and made a bowl of cherries and ate that to tide me over until dinner and bring my blood sugar back up.

I am pretty sure I could do taco Tuesday every week.  I ended up using three corn tortillas (5) two ounces of ground beef (3) broccoli slaw with two tablespoons of guacamole.


I “pam” fried them to get them crispy without any extra oil.   Crunchy, spicy and delish!  I bought this salsa at the dollar store too – so spicy good!


So it’s back to the market today for me.  I am going to be doing my staggered breakfast/lunch/dinner.   I am making zucchini lasagna roll ups for my dinner tonight and tomorrow night.   It looks like the rain might not start until late tonight, which would be awesome.  Now time to get my steps in before work. 

I ended up with 27/30 points for the day yesterday, so I may add those extra 3 points to my day today or later this week.  It is my goal to write down everything that goes in my mouth this week, and hope that it will show up on the scale next week.  My twin sister and I now weigh pretty much the same, so I have to get on her bandwagon!  Make it a great day!