Yesterday both Hannah and Jacob had the early shift, and well, with one bathroom, that made things a bit of a challenge.  While I usually like to take the earlier train (hate being late) I decided to take the later train, which if all goes well, I get to my desk at 8:55 for a 9:00 clock in.  The train could be delayed, there are so many variables, but it worked out fine.  And gave me time to make waffles before work!

I tweaked my 2 point pancake recipe into these pumpkin waffles – each waffle is 4 points, or if you only eat half it’s only 2 points.  



It was a balmy 27 degrees outside so my sister and I decided to walk outside.  The ice is starting to melt on the river.  It was so refreshing to walk outside, but really made us wish it was about 40 degrees warmer!

I had lasagna soup on my lunch menu, but having it three times already this week, decided to hit up the salad bar.  OMG, the salad bar on #freestyle is amazing!  All the beans, have a hard boiled egg, grab that carved turkey breast.  I am out of my beloved Bolthouse Farms dressing, but they had a spicy cilantro dressing that was amazing.  The only points on my salad was the 1/2 ounce of cheese (2) and I am counting the dressing as 3 because I know there is probably oil in it.  Need to figure out how to recreate that dressing.


Huge Ass Salad

My sister found the Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dogs over the weekend, and the two stores I shopped at over the weekend didn’t have them.  I tried Jewel and found them on sale – #score!  I think I’ve mentioned it here before, but there is a restaurant across the street from where I get off the train and they have the best food – but their restaurant always smells like tater tots and as soon as I get off the train, I am like “shit, tater tots sound amazing!”

So I recreated my take on a beef stand chili dog using the 1 point hot dog, a light but (2), 1/4 cup Hormel vegetarian bean chili (1) and 19 tater tots that I Pam fried (6).  I had such high expectations of this dinner!

I don’t know if was because my mouth was waiting for that delicious crunch you get when you bite into a good beef stand hot dog, or that I haven’t had Hormel chili in a long time, but this dinner was just. . . eh.  The tots were spectacular though!

Even after my 10 point dinner, I was still 21/23 points for the day, and I still have 31 weekly points left for the week and tomorrow is my WI.  Not sure if that will help or hurt me on the scale, but I had a great week.  I went out to eat twice and made great choices, and as I am working up to 21 days on the new WW program (following it to the T – they say it takes 21 days to make a habit) I feel good about my mind set with food.

But I really want a good all beef hotdog now! 

Happy Friday – you may notice I have a new header!  Slowly getting this site enhanced – what do you think?

Also the comment button is on the bottom now, on the right hand side on the bottom of the post – it’s kind of small, but some people couldn’t find it yesterday.

Now go make it a great day!