I had more beef leftover in my fridge that needed to be used up or put in the freezer.  Um, turns out I can have steak pretty much any time of day.  I ended up using the same Black seasoning from Saturday night, but cooked it in my cast iron skillet.  Just as delicious as doing it on the grill.  My 4 ounce steak (4) was perfectly seasoned, and I paired it with 3 ounces of potato cooked in 1 teaspoon grapeseed oil (3) with a hard boiled egg on the side (2).  Super filling – high protein breakfasts really work for me.


I got tagged on Instagram.  A while ago Latanicity in Chicago asked if they could use my picture for their social media.  I’d forgotten all about it, but yesterday they finally posted my picture – so cool!  I still can’t believe I shot that with my iPhone!


Hannah and I have been passing ships in the night.  When I am working, she’s home, when I am home, she’s working.  So we finally got some momma/daughter time yesterday.  We both desperately needed pedicures.  We found an awesome place, it’s super clean, they open fresh tools right in front of you, and for $35 you get a 45 minute pedicure with a hot stone message on your legs.  Felt so good!  Since I am on my feet so much for work, this was a nice treat.  Treat Yo Self!   Hannah treated to the sugar free vanilla iced coffee.



Shelley, I know you’ll be pleased with my choice of color on my piggies! 

While I am not doing a full grocery shop this week, I did need to pic up a few veggies and fruit.   I was given a container of spicy marinated tofu from my vendor neighbor at the farmers market on Saturday for helping them set up their tent.  So nice!  Hannah could probably eat this dish every single day and never get sick of it.  We made a marinated tofu veggie lo mein for 9 smart points.


I put that picture on Instagram, like I do with almost all my food, and another WW asked if I put that on the WW connect app.  I told her I didn’t even know what that was!


Yep, I use the app nearly every day, but just to log my food and exercised.  Never gave any attention to the connect or 24/7 chat.  So I’ve been posting my food pics there too – you never know when one meal might inspire someone to get into the kitchen.

I hit up the gym yesterday.  I never ended up walking outside, because the temps jumped quickly – it was 93 degrees when I left for the gym.  I did 10 minutes upper body, 10 minutes lower body, then did an incline walk on the treadmill for 5k.


Since we had so much leftover pizza, I ended up making a chopped spinach salad with broccoli slaw, cucumbers, then reheated 3 ounces of pizza and cut the pizza into “croutons” and put that on top of my salad.  8 delicious smart points!


Speaking of pizza, I find it pretty funny that a frozen Walgreen’s pizza I posted on Instagram got 400+ likes vs. my homemade pizza – crazy!

PicMonkey Collage

So today is my WI day.  I only weigh myself at home on this day, and I am not joking I got on the scale this morning and it said I was up 4.6 pounds.  I have no idea how that is remotely possible, as I didn’t even use all my flex points and didn’t use any exercise points.  I’ll just go and face the music – but I would have had to eat 15,750 EXTRA calories to gain that much weight in one week.  One slice of a thin crust 14 inch pizza is 285 or the equivalent of eating about 55 extra slices of pizza last week.  Gah.

The weather is going to be perfect today though – high of 70 and a bit overcast.  Definitely hitting the pavement and gym today.  Consistency not perfection.

Alright, time to make breakfast and head to WW.  Make it a great day!