I was going to wait until the bottom of this post to show my WI, but I am just too excited.  May 31 I was 175.8.  Last week I was 172.  Today I am . . .

slyce 006

-1.2, so that’’s five pounds in two weeks!!  Not too shabby!

Yesterday I had a blueberry spinach smoothie – so good, I never actually took a picture of the finished product though!

slyce 004

Two of my bosses were out yesterday so I thought I was going to have an easy day.  One secretary was already off yesterday and the other one decided to take a half day, so I ended up going to the gym early so I could work out before she left.

slyce 034

It was only 74 degrees outside, but I ventured to the outdoor pool.  Mostly lifeguards doing rescue drills, some day camp kids in the zero depth area, and pretty much only me in the deep end.  At one point there were 6 lifeguards and just me in the pool! 

But the pool was so fricken cold.  I didn’t think I could stay in there.  It took me 2 minutes just to get in up to my neck, and then four laps before I got up the nerve to put my head under water, and the first couple times it took my breath away!  But I stuck it out and swam for 40 minutes and I ended up loving it – so refreshing!

I got back to my desk just in time for the other secretary to leave and then the shit hit the fan – I didn’t end up eating my lunch until nearly 2:00 and ended up staying until 5:30 – but it made the afternoon go by fast, so I was happy about that!

Lunch was half a baked potato left over from our dinner out Wednesday, 3/4 cup of my leftover buffalo chicken chili that I froze from last Fridays work lunch, mixed with baby spinach and shaved seriously sharp Cabot cheese.  I am in love with that cheese!

slyce 005

I called Tony just as I was leaving the office to tell him I would be home late.  He wanted to know what my thoughts were on dinner, and I told him I didn’t have a second to think about it since I was so busy, and that’s when he said these magical words:

Do you want to go out for pizza and beer?

What do you think my answer was to that??  I asked him where he wanted to go, because in the 13 years we’ve lived here, I think we’ve eaten pizza at a restaurant like 4 times.  He said that my former boss (Hi Alison!!) posted about a place in Wauconda called Slyce.  Wauconda is like a 15 minute drive from our house.

I literally drove home, picked up Tony and we were off.  I checked out their website on the way there.  I was blown away by the accolades.




We decided to sit at the bar, the place was very busy at 6:30 on a Friday.  The first sip of cold beer from the tap?  Priceless.

slyce 014

We asked the bartender who long they had been there, and when he said three years I was like “wtf?!”  Me, the pizza lover within 15 minutes of a coal fired pizza joint, and I’d never heard of it??!!

Because Tony loves me, he ordered the goat cheese and marinara appetizer.  Tony doesn’t really like goat cheese, but he actually didn’t mind it mixed with the marinara sauce, and the focaccia bread was good.

slyce 015

We ended up getting a 12 inch pizza – you can get it with sauce or bianco – without.  We got it with sauce, grilled artichokes, kalamata olives, and fennel sausage, which the bartender said they make all their meats in house.

slyce 023

slyce 028

slyce 030

So good.  The crust was delicious – the charred parts on the crust were my favorite.  They suggest no more than three toppings, and this was the perfect combo.  Thanks for posting this place on Facebook Alison – we will definitely be back.

So I ended up not doing Insanity last night, so I am making Friday my rest day this week.  So today I have Day 12 of Cardio Power & Resistance, tomorrow I have Pure Cardio & Abs, and then Monday I do the Fit Test again to see if I’ve improved.  I definitely think I have!

Stats for the Day

  • 40 minute swim in freezing cold water
  • 2105 calories, 66 fat, 188 carbs, 15 fiber and 60 protein
  • 36% of calories from carbs, 28% from fat, and 36% from carbs

What are your plans this weekend?  We were going to mow today, but its rainy out.  We are doing to Mariano’s to grocery shop and then out to lunch somewhere.  I still need to put my meal plan together! 

Have a great weekend!   See you Monday. Open-mouthed smile