I went to WW yesterday fully expecting there to be a 2+ pound weight gain.  But, I guess my manual labor at the farmers markets I’ve worked at offset some of the crap I put in my mouth, because I ended up losing 1.2.


I brought my breakfast with me, and the leader ended up weighing me in and asked what I was having for breakfast.  Since I was going out to lunch, I made my 3 point breakfast parfait.  The container of Chobani is 2 points, the sliced banana zero, and my homemade blueberry sauce was 1 point.  Just 1 cup frozen fruit mixed with 1/2 to 1 cup water (depending on how juicy the fruit is) mixed with a teaspoon of sugar and teaspoon of corn starch.  As I was making the sauce, I put the corn starch into the water/sugar mixture and it started to bubble.  Huh.  It’s never done that before.  I threw it in with the berries and let it cook 5 minutes, only to taste it and realized I used baking powder instead of corn starch.  Doh!  Luckily this only takes 5 minutes to make, so I quickly made another batch.


I met up with my friend at a restaurant near my old office.  I contemplated stopping by, but realized it was end of month so it might be a bit crazy.  Next time!


The outdoor patio was open so we ate outside, which was nice.  We both ended up getting the baby steak tacos and a glass of wine.



I ended up eating 4 of my 5 baby tacos, and about 1/4 cup each of the rice and beans.  I figured lunch was 16 points with the wine.  When I got home, I got my walking shoes on and headed out to get my 10k steps.



I sat by the river and just listened to the water lap the sandy beach.  It was so peaceful.  All of a sudden I heard this noise from a distance and realized – RAIN!  It was a downpour and I got completely soaked.


We still had the air on, so when I walked into the house sopping wet, I went into my room, took off my clothes and got under my covers to get warm.   And fell asleep for an hour!   I do love a good power nap though.

I didn’t do a full grocery shop, just stuff for our BBQ on Monday, but I think I have enough stuff in the house to get us through the week.  Last night I ended up making a 10 point taco salad.  Two ounces of 80/20 beef, romaine, carrots, cucumbers, radish, 1/2 ounce of colby jack cheese.  I used a tablespoon of ranch, salsa and Tapatio for my dressing.  So good!

5.31.16 005 (2)

Well, I think today is going to be my first rainy farmers market I’ve worked.  Hopefully it will go away by this afternoon, because this is an evening market.  I have to clock in at noon though to load up my car.  On the schedule it looks like there is a new guy that’s training, but this morning the owner sent me the long list of regulations of this farmers market, so I have no idea if I am training the guy or if the owner is going with me.  It’s usually customary to have an employee who’s worked with you for a week to train a newcomer, right?! 

It’s all good – I’ll make it work somehow.  Can’t believe it’s June 1 already!  Wish me luck today – make it a great day!