So after three completely different job interviews, I’ve decided to work Farmers Markets this summer.  Right now I am on the schedule for three a week – Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  The reason I chose this job is because I love the idea of being outdoors working in the summer.  Just remind me when it’s 95 degrees and I am melting.  And second, it will still give me time to work on my blog, hopefully generate some revenue here, and I’ll still be busy in my kitchen.  I told the owner that I’d reevaluate after the summer, as they still have indoor markets they go to in the winter, so we’ll see.  The best part is that I know this doesn’t have to be the job I have for the rest of my life – just this summer!

It will be interesting to see how my eats are on the days I work.  I have to be at the store front bright and early at 5:30 a.m. and work until 2:00 p.m.  And Saturday I looked at the schedule and it looks like I am working that one all by myself – eek!  I am sure it will be fine and I’ll get the hang of it soon.  Wish me luck!

It was nice to make an actual breakfast yesterday because I’d been eating Kind bars on the train to downtown or in the car the last several days before that.  And guess what?  The Kind bars I eat are 7 points, and so is this egg white/spinach/cheese omelet with turkey bacon.


I already started reading Aarti’s cookbook, and by reading, I mean she has stories peppered throughout the cookbook.   I’ve made naan before, but I was interested to try out her recipe out.  I did make a couple substitutions to her recipe – I used King Arthur whole wheat white flour because that’s what I had on hand, and I reduced the amount of oil to just 1 tablespoon total.  I also didn’t have kalonji (which is an Indian seed spice?) but added the fennel which I’ll add every time I make naan.  It toasted up in the pan and gave the naan an extra layer of flavor.



I also made 12 naan vs. her 6, so each one comes out to 3 smart points – whoop!  For lunch I had a pan seared pork chop naan sandwich with tzatziki for 8 smart points.


Dinner was inspired by Aarti’s green chutney.  I had beef in the freezer from when I bought that primal cut of beef, so I defrosted two steaks, one for me and one for Jacob.  Hannah loves smoked sausage on the grill, but it has to be charred to bits before she’ll eat it.  I did some grilled potatoes on the side for them, and Hannah made bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers – my grill was Bizzy!


I adapted Half Baked Harvest’s recipe for beef satay with curried cashew sauce with what I had on hand.   I followed her instructions for the marinade, except reduced the amount for my steak:  1 tablespoon greek yogurt, 1/2 teaspoon grapeseed (or olive) oil, 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic, 1/2 teaspoon grated fresh ginger, pinch of cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne, cinnamon and black pepper.  Marinate the meat at least an hour or up to overnight.  The pumpkin seed crema made this dish – so many delicious flavors going on here!


For the green chutney, just throw one green pepper, 2 cups cilantro, 1/4 cup mint, 1 serrano chile (seeded), 2 tablespoons of lime juice, 1/2 teaspoon sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil and blend until combined.


I grilled the steak first and then let it rest 5 minutes before slicing.  These weren’t very thick, so just about 2 – 3 minutes per side for medium rare.  I grabbed my naan, put a bit of baby spinach on the bottom, topped with 3 ounces of beef, then added the crema and chutney to the top and then put it back on the grill, not on top of the coals, but as close as I could.  Then let that sit for a minute – the naan got all crispy on the bottom, but was still soft and chewy on top.


I wish the crema didn’t look like poo on top of the naan, but trust me, all these flavor combos worked so well together.   I can see myself making this once a week!

Are you ready to see the cutest picture evah?!


Roz, there is a random heart for you!  It was so sweet.  Rummy on the left was laying in the grass, and Roman just came over and laid next to her – so cute!

I ended up taking a rest day from walking – I was so sore after walking 11 miles the day before, so I am about to eat breakfast and get my walking shoes on before it gets too hot.  It’s already 73 degrees – perfect!  Make it a great day!