I had to be at work a bit early and hit the ground running.  I didn’t put my breakfast together until nearly 10 a.m.  Two point bagel with egg whites (I forgot my ziploc bag of cheese and ham) 🙁 with fruit on the side.

I finally left for lunch at 1:30 – it was sunny but cold, but I’ll take it.  I brought leftover stuffed chicken for lunch with zucchini, but I just did not want that.  I had thoughts of getting ramen because that sounded so good, but the thought of bringing it back to my office, trying to slurp it at my desk with papers all around, well, that probably wouldn’t work too well.

 I still went to Ramen-San anyway thinking I could get a couple things to get for lunch.  Jacky, have you been here before?  It’s on Hubbard between Clark and Dearborn. 

It’s super cute on the inside, full bar.  I would definitely love to go back here when I had time to linger.

I got a fried chicken bao bun – fried chicken with a Japanese mustard and spicy slaw.  Um, why have I never had a bao bun before?!  Funny thing is that I had a gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a three tier steaming basket, and Tony asked me “what the fuck are you going to do with that?” and I said “I am going to make my own steamed buns!”  Ha, that never happened.  Although I do still have the steamer basket . . . so maybe I’ll finally try making them?!  

And on the side . . . Chinese broccoli.  Again, something I’ve never had before and I was a bit perplexed when I opened the box because it had leafy tops and broccoli stems.  Huh.  Just one word though:  amazeballs.  The greens had a slight bitterness to them, the seasoning (whatever it was – almost like a light broth? oyster sauce? I don’t know?!) but I ate every bite.  The WW app said that the bun was 5 points – that is a salad plate by the way to give you some perspective.  I had some of the fruit that I brought, and was able to get some watermelon and cantaloupe leftover from a work lunch.  This was delish!

Hannah and Jacob were doing dinner with his grandpa before I got home, so it was dinner for one.  And because it was Tuesday, um, taco Tuesday seemed like a good idea.  Every time I post these tacos on Instagram, I always get the question ‘what kind of taco shells are those?  how do you get them crispy?”

My answer?  I ton of Pam, a hot non-stick skillet and just a touch of grape seed oil.  That’s it.  I also start out the heat on medium low – I find if I try to cook these at a higher heat, the Pam somehow gets a bit burnt?

And look at me – food stylist extraordinaire!  Ha, the fruit bowl just happened to be right next to where I was taking the photo.  I stuffed them with lite mozzarella, chopped romaine, cilantro, Chobani for sour cream and Tapatio hot sauce.  Four points for the corn tortillas, 3 points for the ground sirloin filling – so a delicious 7 point dinner.  

Crispy Taco Tuesday

I have to give a shout out to my friend Rhonda who has two Boston’s – she sends me this pic when her dogs hear my dogs in the background and they keep looking for them 😀  Steve is in the forefront and Kiwi is in the back.  So cute!

At 9:00 p.m. last night I finally sat down and snuggled with the pups.  I mean, how cute is Roman?!

Since Tony has been gone, Superbowl Sunday is just another day to me, but I know lots of people are making big spreads and saw this on Instagram – Walmart sells a loaded baked potato dip mix that you can mix in with plain Greek yogurt – 1/4 cup of the dip would only be 1 points – I am going to look for it this weekend, because I think it would be a great dip for veggies, french fries, even topped on top of a baked potato.  Have you guys seen this before?


Happy Wednesday – I can’t believe it’s the last day of January already – did that go by fast or what? Guess what else that means??!!  Last day of #dryjanuary!  Truth be told, I may just wait until Saturday night to have a glass of wine, but I am very proud of myself for abstaining the whole month – and I have FOUR bottles of wine in my pantry that were given to me as holiday gifts.  Um, I guess people know that I love wine!

Make it a great day!