If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you’ll know that my account got hacked over the weekend.  I knew something was weird when I saw over a dozen instant messages pop up one right after the other in the matter of a minute.  Um, turns out someone was using my Facebook account to send a porn video of all things.  It had my Facebook profile photo on the link so I guess if you didn’t think twice you might have thought I was sending you a video of me making party pizza Friday or something!  I hope to do some kitchen videos soon, but that’s another post.

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With the help of Hannah and Jacob, I uninstalled messenger, logged off all three of my devices, changed my password, email address associated with my Facebook page, and on Saturday I thought all was well.  Then is started happening yesterday too.  Hannah sent a note to Facebook’s help page, and yesterday just received a curt reply “your feedback will be used to improve Facebook.  Thanks for taking the time to make a report.”  WTF.  That really doesn’t change anything, although I keep having these “pages” show up on the side of my Facebook page, and whatever it tries to publish, Facebook automatically unpublishes it, but it’s kind of annoying.   So if you ever get a weird movie attachment from me on Facebook?  Please do not open up the attachment.  Especially if you are in a room with your friends young children, and you innocently opened the link I supposedly sent for everyone to hear before you realize that you are watching and/or hearing porn!  (sorry Pam!)

So I’ve been hit with a head cold.  I rarely get sick, so this is throwing me for a loop.  But the best part of not having a job right now is that I could actually rest this weekend and not feel that I had to get.it.all.done before Monday mentality I had before, and listened to my body and I didn’t do much of anything.  Well, that’s a lie – I did cook a bit, but that’s nothing new!  It was “low maintenance” cooking if you ask me. 

Friday night Hannah requested my ricotta/pan fried garlic/spinach/walnut pear balsamic glaze pizza.  Swoon.   The only problem was that I’ve left my baking steel at the neighbors house and I still have to get it back, so you can see the crust didn’t get golden like it normally does.  Still good pizza (I mean, not sure I’ve ever made a bad pizza if I do say so myself!) but I am already addicted to my Baking Steel.

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Friday during the day I cooked up a pork butt I picked up at The Fresh Market.  If you have one by you, on Tuesday’s they have a pretty good meat sale – ground sirloin and this pork butt were both $2.99 a pound.  I saw a recipe on Pioneer woman where she uses canned chipotles and Dr. Pepper to make her pork butt.  I ran with that idea, and used what I had on hand.  Diet Dr. Pepper (from my pantry – have no idea how long that’s been in there!) and I had chipotle sauce which was mild in heat, and I added in carrots because I love cooked carrots.  I ate those all by themselves as a snack later that day!   I mean, carrots cooked in pork fat for hours?  Um, yes please!

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So when I woke up with a head cold on Saturday morning, it was nice to have the pork already done and hanging out in the fridge to put these sammies together Saturday night.  I am sure the flavor would have been a bit deeper if I used regular pop, but diet was all I had.  So while the meat was fall apart tender, it definitely needed a kick, so I added Frank’s hot sauce and a tablespoon of crumbled blue cheese on top.  What’s the saying?  Feed a cold, starve a fever?  Then I should be getting over this head cold soon!

Friday morning I was searching the fridge to see what I could make for breakfast – all three of us happened to be home so I wanted something a bit hearty before they headed off to school and work, but also Weight Watcher friendly for me.  I know if I have protein for breakfast, it’s always going to stick with me longer than a higher carb breakfast, even though the thought of having a whole cinnamon roll with cups and cups of coffee is on the top of my list for best.breakfasts.ever.  Sadly, I’d have to take about half an insulin pen of insulin for that breakfast!

First thing I saw in my fridge?  Wonton wrappers.  Done.  I’ve made these before, but made up this recipe with what I had on hand.  These really taste like mini breakfast quiches because of the texture on the inside and the fact that you can eat them with your hands.  These would be perfect for a brunch too, since you can make a dozen at a time, and they taste just as good just cooled a bit out of the oven as they did at room temperature.

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The best part is that these were super filling, and four wonton quiches is only 6 smart points!  Love.  These would also be easy to make on a weekend and then reheat in a toaster oven at work, or before work for a quick and healthy breakfast.  Jacob and Hannah both gave these two giant thumbs up!  #winning!

And I have to say, the dogs have really come to my rescue when it comes to being lazy all weekend – it’s almost as if they didn’t mind sleeping on me all day each day this weekend!

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But every time I tried to lay down to take a nap – either one (or both!) of the dogs would start licking my face uncontrollably – it makes me laugh so hard when they do that.  I am feeling a bit better today, and plan to take it easy because I am going to Virginia on Thursday!  I am helping my Aunt out at one of her tradeshows for the nuts she and her boyfriend sell – it will be nice to see them for a long weekend too.   Do I have any Richmond peeps out there?  I am not sure where the tradeshow is yet, but I’ll find out – if at the very least maybe I can meet someone for a quick cup of coffee?  You know I love blogger meet ups!

You’ll have to come back Wednesday for this waffle recipe – without eggs too!  I made a one point banana syrup that was amazing – and with the brightness of the fresh strawberries and the saltiness of the 1 point of pecans on top?  These will definitely be making another appearance soon.  This plate with the uncured bacon is 10 smart points.

4.10.16 128

And a quick shout out to my friend Donna who called me and asked me if I had Ina Pinkney’s cookbook, and when I said no, she texted me this picture a bit later!

4.10.16 123

I have no idea how she thought I’d love a cookbook (oh, I know, because I am a cookbook whore!) but I can’t wait for us to get together with my twin sister and her twin sister – it’s been too long since we’ve gotten together!   Let’s plan on that soon when I get back from Virginia!

I just love the inscription though – “Good Food is Love!”   So true. 

Make it a great day!