A few weeks ago I realized that Weight Watchers started following me on Instagram!

weight watchers follwing me

I was like, WOW! until my friend Loren pointed out that WW has 342,000 followers and only follows 546, and I am one of them.  Double WOW!  They had asked if they could use my spinach pizza with balsamic glaze in their social media pages, and I of course said yes!  Well yesterday, in the midst of doing laundry, doing computer work, etc., I looked down at my phone and saw all these new people following me on Instagram and I was wondering what the heck was going on!

3.26.16WW 034

Within an hour of WW sharing my party pizza Friday picture, I had 550 new followers on Instagram, traffic to this site shut it down for a bit (actually, not sure what happened exactly, but thankfully my brother Charlie got it up and running really quickly – thanks Charlie!).  Of course, I like to think that the traffic from Weight Watchers crashed my site Open-mouthed smile

Then people started tagging me asking me for the recipe, and like most party pizza Friday nights, I just kind of wing it.  The dough is still my tried and true no rise pizza dough.  That dough is enough for two 10-14 inch pizzas, depending on how thin you roll out the dough.  I like mine pretty thin.  The best part is that even though you can roll it out and use it right away, it’s even better the longer it sits in the fridge.  I’ve left mine in there for up to a week, and just bring it out for 30 minutes before using it so it gets to room temperature.

So I thought I’d write the recipe here so that if you want to make it at home you can.  Seriously, you could bake four pizzas in a row faster than delivery would take!  This recipe below is for two pizzas:

3.26.16WW 015

I don’t remember the brand pizza sauce I used on this pizza, but each slice came in at 4.5 points.  The dough recipe is for two pizzas, 8 slices per pizza and just 2 smart points for the pizza dough per slice – you could totally skip the cheese, or reduce the cheese by half, add way more veggies – the sky is the limit.  I hope this no rise pizza dough becomes your Party Pizza Friday night! 

So excited to meet my new grand niece today – they are already on their way!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend – and let me know if you make this pizza at home.  If you are on Instagram, just tag me so I can check it out!