How did I start out the first day of 2016?  Having a breakfast I wanted – scrambled egg, leftover French fry hash browns, candied bacon, toast and an orange. And guess what?  It was delicious.  (photo credit goes to Hannah!)


I figure that’s one meal out of the 1,095 potential meals I’ll have in 2016, so why not?  And because I was lazy and slept in, it’s my breakfast and lunch.  #winning

I don’t want to associate food as being good or bad.  I plan on getting to the gym (I need to check if it’s open today!) or if not, getting a walk outside to get my 10k steps in.  

But I am doing something.   I am getting most of my inspiration these past few days from my online friend Andie Mitchell.  She wrote this book.  It’s the only book I’ve read cover to cover in 10 years, and not only that, I’ve read it 9 times already.  She loves food as much as I do, was a night time eater like me, but figured out a way to enjoy it without binging and making changes in how she views food to eventually lose 135 pounds and keep it off.

This post stopped me in my tracks.  Most “experts” will tell you “just start small and once you achieve that small goal, move on to the next one.”  Andie suggests starting big to small – why not tackle the hardest thing first because then everything else will be small potatoes.

I think we all know where this is going – and what’s going is my beloved wine.   My step-son Joe and I are both ditching alcohol for the month of January to kick start our year.  I feel that all the exercise I do is just a wash after having just a couple glasses of wine.   That’s the biggest thing I can think of that needs to change, so I am doing it!

We had a very low key NYE.  Hannah and Jacob went out for a bit, and the dogs and I watched Chopped.  My Mom got me these toe socks, and I absolutely love them.  Even in winter I like to walk barefoot around the house, but I really shouldn’t as a diabetic – I could step on something, potentially not feel it and I don’t need any infections, thank you very much.

12.31.15 008

12.31.15 025

12.31.15 031

Hannah and I have our organizing pants on today.  I need to switch out my computer today – I got to bring home my old computer from work a month or so ago – my desktop that I have now is about 7 years old and it’s really, really slow.  I just need to put stuff on my flash drive and possibly delete 5000+ pics that I don’t need anymore!  The Christmas decorations are also coming down.  If Tony were still here, he’d be so happy about that – and preferably would have wanted the decorations taken down on December 26th. Smile with tongue out

I bought a new scale too.  My WW scale stopped working right.  It would give me readings 15 pounds apart, even if I stepped on it five times in a row.  I got a gift card from my bosses for Christmas and used Bed Bath & Beyond’s 20% off coupon and bought this scale.  It was the top rated smart scale on consumer reports, and I have an app on my phone that goes with it.

So here’s where I am at:

12.31.15 038

12.31.15 039

And yes, my toe nails are still on fleek! 

So why not start off 2016 with a giveaway!  I’d love to give away Andie’s book.  Just leave a comment telling me what is your “big” thing you could change about yourself if you could?  I’ll pick a winner on Monday. 


I love that it’s only Friday, but it feels like a Sunday Open-mouthed smile

Have a wonderful weekend!  Hugs and Love.