I had to do a Sam’s Club run for work yesterday morning so I had a little bit of extra time before I had to leave the house.  I had gyros on the menu for dinner last night.  My non-meat eating daughter LOVES gyros and my store routinely sells it in the deli for $5.99 a pound with tzatziki sauce so it’s quite the bargain dinner.  I used this naan recipe and wanted it to rise on the counter for a few hours and then since Hannah was home I asked her to throw it in the fridge for the afternoon because there is milk and yogurt in the dough.  The dough came together literally in less then 5 minutes.

When I was pulling into Sam’s Club I saw their gas sign so I filled up – I had 150 miles left before being empty but I couldn’t pass up this price – can’t remember the last time I paid less than $2 a gallon!

11.17.15 006

So I was pretty hungry by the time I got to work.  I made more avocado egg toast on my homemade rosemary bread with some fruit.  I could literally eat this every day and not get sick of it.

11.17.15 011

Since Hannah was off of work and Jacob didn’t work until later in the afternoon, they met me out for lunch.  I love that they don’t mind hanging out with me even though we live together.  We went to wok n fire – one of my favorite places to eat. 

11.17.15 018

I got the red curry Thai steak and it is just the right balance of flavorful spicy.  And I always forget how much I love cucumber water that they have there.

I ended up hitting the gym after work since I didn’t walk at lunch – it was so rainy and gross out though.  Yesterday was legs – but guess what?  I opted to do burpees!  I know – one of the exercises was called a frog walk and if you look that up, you’ll know why I didn’t do that at the gym and did burpees instead.  But let me tell you, after doing my third round (30) burpees I was questioning my decision!  I was huffing and puffing and it’s just another reminder that I haven’t been pushing myself at the gym lately.   And blog reader Kris sent me this Lulu Lemon headband and I love it – my bangs stay out of my face!  I thought my Momma would like to see that. Open-mouthed smile

PicMonkey Collage -wo

So when I got home from the gym I realized that Hannah forgot to put the pita dough in the fridge.  Nertz.  But I figured what the hell and rolled them out and pan fried them in a bit of olive oil and sesame seeds.  I cooked up just six last night and stuck the dough in the fridge – it will last about a week.  Look at those pillows of goodness!

11.17.15 035

11.17.15 038

11.17.15 008

I had to laugh at this picture of dinner though – first off, my knife skillz need some improvement, but I literally didn’t even notice the giant piece of spinach in the front.   Hannah has asked that we have this for dinner at least once a week.  #winner

I’ll send you off with a cute picture of Roman – I love how cute he is!  I wish he would stay this size forever Open-mouthed smile

11.17.15 004

Make it a great day!