My office got new computers recently and I was lucky enough to score not only a new to me laptop, but a new desktop as well.  My desktop computer is probably six or seven years old and it’s been driving me crazy lately.  I was going to install the new desktop last night, but I was on dog duty.  Both Jacob and Hannah worked last night and Roman had been in his crate since about 1:30 and I got home around 6:00.  Both dogs were craving human contact, so we lounged around on the couch until the kids got home.  We didn’t even eat dinner until 9:30! 

It took me 20+ minutes to download my pictures this morning – gah!  So here is a quick recap of my day:

PicMonkey Collage

Breakfast baked potato, gorgeous walk in 55 degrees weather, Roz – check out the random heart I found on my walk!  I cooked my spaghetti squash at home and wrapped it in a dish cloth and didn’t scrape it until lunch time.  I think that’s the secret to getting the strands, is to let it cool completely.  I always nuke mine for 7 minutes for a medium sized one.  Lunch was a quick Italians sausage sauce, but I don’t have time to post the recipe this morning, but I will soon – I made it in 15 minutes before work yesterday!  And that was pretty much Roman from the time I got home, laying on me and sleeping.  Finally dinnah!  I made a pork lo mein using Tastefully simple orange sriracha sauce – yum!

I am looking forward to dinner tonight – my long time blog reader and friend Randi is coming through town with her wife before they head up to Wisconsin so I am meeting them at the hotel for dinner after work.  We met a couple (three?!) years ago the last time they were in the area, as they live in California.  Always fun to get together with blog readers!

And with that, I am off – hopefully after I switch out the computer tonight I won’t have these problems anymore.  Question of the day: How many of you still use desktop computers?  Wondering if most people have switches exclusively to laptops!

Make it a great day!