I was so disappointed with dinner, I nearly cried.   While it looked really pretty, it didn’t turn out AT ALL!  Back to the drawing board on this one! 

So while I was feeling sorry for myself over a horrible dinner, I just had to think of my friend Jen, who lost her Mom a week ago today in a car accident, and I quickly had to put my failure into perspective!  I mean really, its one dinner, we have food to eat, so I need to quit whining about it!

it looks good though! :D
it looks good though! 😀

Tony suggested I heat up a hot dog that we got at the butcher shop last weekend.  He had one for lunch and said he was a changed man after eating it.  OMG, this is the best hot dog I have ever had – so flavorful and tender!  It made up for my lack of pizza!  I of course, kicked it up with jalapeno mustard and pickled jalapenos!


on a whole wheat toasted bun with melted mozzarella
on a whole wheat toasted bun with melted mozzarella

I think Hannah gets nervous when I get mad, it gets compounded when my blood sugars are low.  One time Tony and I decided to watch a whole movie upon waking up – we didn’t get out of bed until almost 11:00 a.m.!  I started cooking hash browns, and I didn’t put Pam in the skillet, so they stuck.  I got so mad I took the skillet from the oven and threw it directly into the trash.  Luckily my family recognizes these signs and puts up with me! 

Another time, early on when I started taking insulin and still figuring it out, we went out to eat.  I thought I had timed the insulin perfectly, so I injected at the table, but the food took SO long to come to the table.  When the food finally was put in front of me, I could barely get it to my face – Tony knows I love pickles and “tossed” his pickle to me, but it ended up falling in my lap.  I looked up and said “you threw f__cking food at me!”  And quickly proceeded to wolf down my burger.  I think the kids were like 14 and 16 at the time – and happily we can look back at that and laugh!

I hope there are better eats to come over the weekend!   I am having lunch with my Mom at Big Bowl tomorrow – I haven’t seen her in a month!    See you at breakfast – have a great night. 😀