There seems to be some sort of construction on at least one road on the way to my office.  Earlier this week it took me 20 minutes to get through one intersection and it drove me crazy.  The guy directing traffic had no idea what he was doing – he was directing traffic regardless of the light signals, and when it came time for our lane to move forward, there would be a construction truck right in front of our lane and no one could move.

So I’ve been taking the back roads, and I forgot how pretty of a drive it is to get to work.

10.8.15 001

If I happen to make an Aldi run over the weekend, I always ask Hannah and Jacob if they want anything and they always say “everything bagels!”  So when I was putting my food together yesterday and opened the pantry, well, the bagels were giving me the stink eye so I had to bring one for breakfast.  Their bagels are 250 each – not bad considering most of bagels at DD or Starbuck’s or a bagel shop come in around 450 each.  My breakfast sammie came in at 448 calories and 33 protein.

10.8.15 007

Once I got bronchitis I had to ditch my weekly running club.  So I started back at the beginning and downloaded a C25K app. I really like it – you can listen to your music and it will give you a gentle beep and tell you when to walk/run again.  Yesterday was 30 minutes – 5 minute warm up, 8 rounds (or 20 minutes) of walking for 90 seconds, running for 60 seconds, then a five minute cool down.  It felt good to run again!

10.8.15 018

My Mom wants me to cut my bangs.  Open-mouthed smile

My boss asked me to run and get her lunch, so I got a free lunch.  Panera has a new turkey/cheddar/apple slaw sandwich so I got that and a cup of black bean soup.  It reminded me of a time when several years ago I made black bean soup and club sandwiches for dinner one night, and Hannah declared that her favorite meal ever, and I have yet to make it again.  Shhhh….it’s going on the menu next week!

10.8.15 022

I got this same sandwich for another attorney, and I did not put her sandwich in the panini maker, and she said the texture of the bread was a bit mushy, plus it was really sweet – sweet bread, apples, etc.  So when I made my sandwich I added mustard for some acidity and it was deliciously crunchy was I put it in the panini maker.  I had someone ask me if I put anything on the bread before putting it in the panini maker – at work I have “I can’t believe it’s not butter” and it’s like 5 calories for a tablespoon – I end up probably using less than a teaspoon on the schmear though.

I had Greek marinated chicken from the store – Mom, I think you texted me and asked me how much the package cost – for the two kabobs, it’s around $4 a package – my Mom picked some up the last time she was here and loved it.   I knew I needed to make naan to go with the chicken so I did a quick google search on my phone – interesting, I’ve never noticed what the top three searches would be!  Interesting that risotto is the second search and maybe new readers wanted to know what happened to Tony?

10.8.15 034

I ended up making half a batch of my buttermilk chobani naan – it made 5 naan breads.  Literally one minute to mix and in the next minute you are cooking it up in a skillet on the stove.

10.8.15 037

Not the prettiest picture, but boy is that tasty.  Since the chicken had been in the fridge all week, it was really flavorful since it’s been marinating basically that whole time.  The naan is nice and fluffy – delish!

My youngest niece is in 8th grade – cannot believe she’ll be in high school next year.  My sister sent her picture over, so I had to pull out me and my sisters 8th grade photo.  Not gonna lie I think my sister and I thought were the the wearing those turtlenecks and blazers!

PicMonkey Collage - 8th grade

I have more cleaning to do and sorting before the floors get installed the week after next.  I finally have to go through Tony’s closet of his things because the carpet is being taken out and replaced by hardwood floors.  It’s something I’ve been putting off these last 10 months, but I know it’s something I have to do.  It’s just another sad reminder that he’s not here anymore, and it sucks.

On a bright note, I have a 4 year old birthday party to go to on Sunday – that should pick my spirits up!  Have a great weekend!