Not just when I got up, but I drove to work, made my breakfast, posted it on Instagram later in the morning.  It wasn’t until Cindy commented on my Instagram post that she told me it was Thursday!  I cooked up some egg whites and wrapped them in ham slices with baby spinach and cheese.  And I had the best sauteed apple on the side – I forgot how much I love apples like that. 

10.1.15 004

10.1.15 010

I went to the grocery store again at lunch today.  I am bringing my famous buffalo chicken chili to the office for lunch today and the store I went to not only had chicken breasts for $1.59 a pound, but a lot of their canned goods were .49 cents a can if you bought 10.  I stocked up!  Bush’s chili beans, black beans, kidney beans, Red Gold tomatoes and 32 ounces of chicken broth were on sale for $.79 each when they are regularly $2.30!  Check out how much money I saved!

10.1.15 011

I brought the groceries home and Hannah was just a bit anxious because I really don’t have room for 40 cans and 10 containers of chicken broth.  I think I’ll need to find room for them in the basement somewhere.

I ended up with eating more lasagna soup for lunch – no picture, but um, I am pretty sure you know what it looks like now!

I stopped at a different flooring place on my way home from work.  I talked to the guy over the phone and described my flooring issues, and even when I got to the store and he saw the pictures, he didn’t think I wouldn’t be able to go with hardwood floors.  Yippee!  I looked at a couple different types of floors – tell me what you think of these:

10.1.15 018

10.1.15 020

And because of fire codes, this guy suggested this brick instead of slate around my wood burning stove, and I actually kind of like this – it can be done in several different patterns.

10.1.15 021

I have a guy coming tomorrow to do the measurements and to see what their opinion is once they actually see the floor.  Then my friend is coming over tomorrow afternoon to see the space and to get an idea about decorating.  My goal is Thanksgiving to get this all done, but I do hope it’s day before that – fingers crossed!

Hannah will always love any type of noodle dish for dinner – Asian preferably.  I was scrolling through Pinterest and found this recipe and I knew it would be something Hannah would love and I could talk Jacob into eating.   That was her dish:

10.1.15 013

We ended up adding more veggies and made pan fried tofu to go with it.  So tasty!  Hannah may have put chives on top of hers!

10.1.15 023

10.1.15 042

So good – I could literally eat that every night and not get sick of it, and Jacob actually didn’t mind the tofu!

Alright, time to get all my chili stuff together – you’ll be happy to know that I am even bringing diced onions as a garnish to my chili – how nice am I? 

Have a great weekend!