Quick post today.  Nothing more to report on Tony.  They still need to get off more fluid before they can do the heart biopsy.  Which means they don’t bother him as much, maybe they do vitals every few hours and I think they only drew blood twice yesterday.

So when I am there – Tony sleeps!  I love it.  I know he needs the rest, and he can relax once I get there.  If I just hold his hand, he zonks out.


I had some granola for breakfast.  I had to run back to the hotel to get some of Tony’s medical records.  We thought they were all scanned in, so once he was admitted I never carried them around again.  I saw a sign that’s across the street from St. Mary’s.


I like sandwiches.  I like soup.  Done!  I got the lunch combo – half a sandwich and a small soup – it was perfect and delicious.  Broccoli cheese soup with a corned beef and Swiss on dark rye.


This was SO good.   Then a while later I told Tony that I had to get out and walk around and get some steps in.  Before then I only had 2000 steps.  So I walked around 2nd street for about 40 minutes – it was sunny and 80 degrees!  Saw pretty flowers too:



By the time I got back, I was over 7000 steps – nice!  Since lunch was super filling  – I ended up getting a small salad from the cafeteria for dinner.


Here’s an interesting thing I’ve noticed since we’ve been here.  There are tons of people who smoke!  From doctors in scrubs, to nurses, even patients!  I’ve seen more than one patient in a hospital gown and slippers pulling an IV pole and smoking!  WTF?  It boggles my mind that people still think that they can smoke and not have any damage done, especially hospital professionals.

So we know Tony is going to be here for the weekend.  And guess what?  I am moving in!  Yep, since Tony has a private room there is an area in the room where they can bring in a cot.  While I appreciated having the hotel as “my space” to get away from it all, it’s not very cost effective if I can stay at the hospital for free.  So I am checking out and moving in!  I told Tony it was going to be like we are camping!  I said “maybe they’ll even let us have a bonfire!” 

I haven’t even replied to comments yesterday but I’ll have time to do that today – Maripat are you serious that Tom will chop down our tree?!  I’ll email you today – tell him he can take all the wood for firewood!  Hugs!

I am off – I need to empty my garbage out, pack up my shit and get moving.  Happy Friday – make it a great day! 

Oh, and in case you forgot I wasn’t going to remind you – here is the link to vote for my recipe today – thanks!