It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around it being October already.  While the temps have already made me feel we are in fall, it seems like the holiday season is almost upon us.  Before I know it Halloween will have come and gone and I’ll be planning Thanksgiving already!  I know a lot of you hate to let summer weather go, but this time of year is my favorite.

9.30.15 002

Traffic sucked ass yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to stop by Hannah’s work on my way in – boo!  The sky was pretty though!

9.30.15 003

I ended up making a breakfast quesadilla.  I initially planned on using two tortillas, but when I saw that one was 120 calories, decided to use just one and I am glad I did – this was the perfect amount of food.  I had a bit of nacho topping leftover from the night before and mixed that with scrambled egg whites, cheese and baby spinach.

9.30.15 009

I finally went walking at lunch yesterday!  My bronchitis cough is still around sadly, but it’s not as bad as it was.  I couldn’t go very fast but I didn’t want to waste the gorgeous weather inside.  But boy, was I slow!  17 minute miles!  But I didn’t care – it felt good to get moving again.

PicMonkey Collage - walk

Over the weekend I made batch 447 of lasagna soup!  This time though I used fresh tomatoes and it was delicious.  I never store my noodles with the soup, that way the noodles don’t soak up all the liquid and get soggy when you reheat it.

9.26WE 042

9.30.15 024

This made my mouth so happy – it’s such a simple soup but so good.  I don’t even bother with the cheezy goodness on the bottom because it’s so good by itself.  This time I used baby mosaccioli – yum!

When I did my grocery shopping at Mariano’s on Monday, they had their homemade sausages on sale for $3.50 a pound.  Score!

9.30.15 027

Hannah ate the cheddar brat on the far left.  I had the chicken, feta and spinach sausage next to that, and I cooked two of the giardiniera sausages – one for Jacob and one to cook for later in the week.

9.30.15 035

And with added mustard and sauerkraut?!  Amazeballs!  Tastes like a fall dinner to me!

Update about the living room renovation:  I had a guy come out to check out all the different wood from the living room through the dining room.  He thinks that if I rip up the existing stuff that it could be a very costly – like thousands of dollars costly before I even put down the new hardwood floor, which will cost thousands already.  I’d have to hire a carpenter to rip it all out, and the thought of hiring another contractor is a bit daunting.  He suggested carpet – that there are really good options out there for carpet.  Hannah told my friend and decorator that I may have to do carpet vs. hardwood, and she said “I can work with that – as long as it’s the right color and texture.”  Glad I have an expert on my side otherwise I’d have no idea.  So maybe my construction will be done by Thanksgiving?!  Ha! 

I just basically want it to be over so we can use that half of the house again.  Oh well, there are worse world problems to have, right?!

Alright, off to saute some apples for my breakfast – for some reason I totally had a taste for that this morning.  Make it a great day!