Tony and I have had problems in the past of chickens and turkeys not thawing all the way through, so we decided to take that part out of the equation this year!  It’s a bit more expensive, but luckily I was able to find an 11 pound turkey!   And I love this grocery store, its the closest thing we have to Whole Foods, and its called Fresh Market:


Hannah and I are out of coffee (except for peppermint and a little of that goes a long way!) so I picked up $2.00 of this to see if we’d like it:


I didn’t realize I bought decaffeinated!  Oh well!

While out my boss asked if I could pick him up a sandwich at Potbelly’s, which is right near the store I was at (his treat!).  I remember when Potbelly’s first opened downtown I ate it every day for a week!  It’s a toasted sub, but not like Quiznos at all.  But I wasn’t sure what I could get that wasn’t too crazy.  While waiting in line I saw the sign: Kids sammies – half the price and half the ingredients – perfect!  I also got a cup of broccoli cheddar cheese (one of my favorites!)

379 calories, 17.5 fat, 39 carbs!
379 calories, 17.5 fat, 39 carbs!

Not too bad!  The size of the sandwich was perfect, about 6 bites in all.  Potbelly’s has a nutritional calculator on their site, so I can only assume that these stats are correct.

Tony is out of town tonight and surprisingly, we are not having Tacos!  Hannah wanted stir-fry so that’s on the menu.  If we feel up to it, we may even make wontons! 

Lunch break is over, see you at dinner!