Over the weekend I posted a picture of naan that I made and several of you have asked “when are you posting the recipe?”  Well, the answer is today. Open-mouthed smile

This is about the easiest naan I’ve ever made.  There is no yeast, so it doesn’t have to rise.  You basically mix it, divide it, roll it out and pan fry it in a bit of olive oil.  I ended up getting 10 naan out of this recipe and each one is 133 calories.


naan 030 copy

Earlier this week I made a naan breakfast sammie – so good!

9.21 012

I met my Mom out last night for her birthday dinner.  She didn’t know my sister was going to be there, so that was a nice surprise!  The only snafu was she thought I was picking her up, and I thought I was meeting her at the restaurant.  My sister was running late – I left right at 5:00 and with traffic, it took me about an hour and twenty minutes to get there.  By 6:38 I thought it was weird that my Mom wasn’t there yet, so I called her and said “what are you doing at home?” when we realized she thought I was going to get her – good thing she’s only a short 10 minute drive to the restaurant – and by that time my sister had gotten there so it all worked out in the end.

OMG, we laughed so much – I wish I didn’t still have this cough because I was laughing/coughing at the same time!  We met at a place called Chew Chew in Riverside.   Of course I had to look at the menu beforehand like I always do, and read some of the reviews on Yelp.  Most were positive – but some said the food wasn’t worth the price point, or that service was really slow.  We had no problem at all.  The service was great, the food was delicious.  We started out with their special flatbread which was basically a pancetta and spinach pizza – so good!  I already knew I was going to be getting the steak frites, and my Mom and sister quickly decided to get the same thing.

9.23.15 051

I had a groupon, so we couldn’t partake in the $15 bottle of wine, but that’s nice to know for next time!

9.23.15 073

PicMonkey Collage - momma

We about lost it with the cow creamer!

9.23.15 062

The steak was delicious and the fries were perfect – hot and crispy.  We each ate about half of our steaks though – they were 12 ounces!

9.23.15 061

I am having lunch out with a friend today, otherwise that half would be my lunch tomorrow – omg, just had a thought –  I think I need to add some of that to my breakfast panini!

Hope you had a nice night out Momma – and Jenn, always good to see you!   Surprisingly, I don’t see my twin sister as often as I would like.

I slept in a bit this morning, so I have to start getting this show on the road.  Make it a great day!