I was putting my food together yesterday morning and I saw it out of the corner of my eye.  Some unused pizza dough!  That instantly made me want breakfast pizza.  Never mind that I had this idea 15 minutes before I had to leave for work!

I rolled out 2 ounces of dough, tomato sauce, a little gruyere cheese, sliced jalapeno, and while you can’t see it, there is egg whites on top.  The pizza went into an oven that wasn’t even to temperature yet, and cooked while I got dressed – in 12 minutes it was done and 3 minutes later I was eating it in the car on the way to work. Open-mouthed smile

taco 005 copy

I decided to take a rest day yesterday from the gym, my body just needed it.  I needed to pick up a couple things at the store for my Souper Friday today at work.  Today I am bringing hearty sausage, potato and bean soup with mock red lobster biscuits.  I am asking for a $3 dollar donation for today’s lunch.

Since I was almost out of my buffalo Tabasco, I checked this store to see if they carried it.  Holla!


I only bought two bottles, one for work and one for home, but I think I may need to go back and get more – with the dollar off coupon, they were each only $1.99!

I ended up accessorizing my tomato cauliflower soup with a salad from the salad bar.  Since I have my own dressing at work, this container only cost $3.02 – not bad.

taco 009

Have you guys tried Boathouse Farms salad dressings?  This one is my new favorite – only 35 calories for 2 tablespoons, which is plenty.

taco 012

taco 015

I thawed two chicken breasts, hoping Tony would be willing to have taco fiesta.  I came home and said “I thawed some chicken, so I could make chicken Parmesan, or chicken tacos, or chicken sandwiches, or chicken tacos, or chicken with pasta, or chicken tacos.  Chicken tacos won! Open-mouthed smile

taco 022ss

I had a tostada, a corn tortilla and half a cup of Mexican yellow rice – yum.  I could eat that for dinner every night and never get sick of it.  Well, or until I craved pizza!

I have to put my shit together for work – this work week actually went by fast even though I had to work the whole week.  Happy Friday – make it a great day!