There was a slight delay in getting the beef we cut from our Denver trip because of a back order of shipping boxes, but it’s totally worth the wait.

8.30.15 037

I defrosted the “tenderloin cubes/tips” bag the night before last in the fridge.  I used some of the beef for my breakfast and had plans on using the rest of it for a beef stir fry for dinner.

If you’ve ever seen a whole tenderloin, it has a tapered tail at the end of it.  If a chef would be roasting it, they would just tuck the tail underneath and wrap it in kitchen twine to keep it together while roasting.  I ended up cutting mine up in cubes for stir fry and kabobs.  I ended up eating my first meal at work – both Jacob and Hannah had to work yesterday morning so I just stayed out of their way. Open-mouthed smile

8.31.15 005

While that beef doesn’t look as appetizing as it could have been, what’s too bad about having beef tenderloin for breakfast?  I put that picture on Instagram and said that my beef looked like a pile of poo.

So I figured I’d continue the theme in the poo arena by showing you Meal #2 – my snack of honey roasted peanut butter with carrots and cottage cheese.  This time we are leaning more towards what diarrhea looks like.

8.31.15 008

It’s hot again in our neck of the woods – but I shouldn’t complain because we’ve had a very mild summer.  Got my walking shoes on to get those steps in!

8.31.15 010

Lunch can only be described as poor mans sushi.  I cut cucumber slices, topped them with Tribe hummus and then rolled spinach and mustard up in deli ham and sliced that and put it on top.  With some fruit and Blue Diamond sriracha almonds, this was a tasty plate.

8.31.15 013

For the past few weeks I’ve pretty much tagged Chris and Heidi Powell on most of my carb cycling meal pictures.  Check it out – Heidi actually liked that Instagram pic above!  (Hey Lynne and Rhonda!)

8.31.15 019

Dinner was so simple and quick.  Tony has a cast iron wok that gets amazingly hot and makes the best stir fry.  I cooked the beef for about 1.5 minutes in a bit of coconut oil, then removed that to a bowl and added in my veggies.  I like a little crunch to my veggies, so again, only about 3-4 minutes.  I added the bean sprouts and bok choy at the last minute.  My sauce was just 1 tablespoon teriyaki sauce with 1 teaspoon of sriracha.

8.31.15 032

So delicious.   I am pretty sure I could eat beef at every meal. Open-mouthed smile

I have a shout out to blog reader Lynne who sent me Wisconsin coffee.  Our other friend Kris who was at our Madison trip posted on Instagram that she was enjoying cream puff coffee and I was like “what the hell is that?”  Lynne saw that and sent me some – cannot wait to try it today at work – thanks Lynne!

8.31.15 022

An update on my construction – we are getting so close!  The drywall has all been mudded, dried and sanded and today they are going to prime the walls.  Next step is for us to paint it, and then get the hardwood floors installed and then my friend is going to help me decorate so that my house doesn’t look like crap.

8.31.15 020

And here is a flash back for you – these pics were taken 10 years ago at my Aunt’s 75th birthday party.  Sue – you’ll have to remind me who’s MG that was – was it Pam’s?  My hair was highlighted A LOT back then!

8.31.15 035

And then my twin sister Jennifer:

8.31.15 036

Since I’ve had a dumpster for all the construction debris, I’ve been doing some fall cleaning of my own – why I hang on to some stuff, I’ll never know, but it’s been good to get rid of it though.  Tony never went into the basement the last few years of his life because it was too many stairs, so let’s say I could be a mini hoarder without him knowing? Smile with tongue out

When I was at the Cooking Club Courtney’s Mom was talking about the a book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  The basic premise is that you have to hold on object up and ask yourself “does this bring me joy?” and if the answer is no, you either throw it out or donate it.  Turns out saving months of bank statements that can easily be found on line did not bring me joy, so they were shredded and thrown out.

I know Tony would be so proud of me.