For some reason this week went by pretty slow, even though I took yesterday off!  Thanks for all your well wishes for my Momma – we appreciate it!

My alarm went of at 5:30 and we were out of the house by six.  Knowing my Mom couldn’t have anything to eat or drink, I opted not to make coffee at home.  So we get to the hospital, and my plan was to drop her off in front, park the car and then camp out in the recovery room.

She wouldn’t let me go in – she said that they normally take her into the pre-op room a few minutes after arrival and that it would be boring.  She said “the nurse has your cell number she’ll call you when I am ready to be picked up.”

So here it was, 6:30 in the morning and I wasn’t sure what to do!  I didn’t bring any workout clothes with me, so I went to Starbuck’s, got a coffee and their spinach and feta wrap – holy cow was it good!  Only 7 points and with 2 tablespoons of half in half in my coffee, breakfast comes in at 8 points.

I then went grocery shopping to pick up some stuff for my Mom, then I knew my twin sister was going to be at her office, so I went there to chat for a bit.  I guess it’s weird when you only know one person in a set of twins.  Even though we don’t weigh the same, they still kinda freak out because our mannerisms are the same and our voice is the same.

In fact, if I leave myself a voicemail at home to remind me of something, my first reaction is to think “why is Jennifer leaving me that message?!”

One of her co-workers who hadn’t met me yet said “once Jennifer told me she had a twin sister I wondered what it would be like to have another Jennifer walk around!”  But, we are two completely different people and always have been individual.  It used to make me so mad in high school if someone said “Hi Jennifer!” and I said “It’s Biz” and the reply would be “same difference!”

Right by my sisters office is a thrift store called The Economy Shop.  As luck would have it, yesterday was their first day open after being closed for the summer to restock.  I got a couple shirts in the dollar room, but my true score was this Ralph Lauren wool winter coat – I got it for $3!  Once I take it to the dry cleaners, it will look brand new. 😀  I plan on getting it dry cleaned and will do a fashion Friday when I get it back.

Then I got the call that my Mom was in recovery so I went back to the hospital.  It was a bit weird.  Mostly because I am used to going to the hospital where Tony is the patient.

When I walked into the room I saw my 70 year old Mom (she shrunk, so now she’s only 4.9″!) wrapped in blankets and she was cold, thirsty and hungry.  It was weird to see her like that because she is one of the busiest and active 70 year olds I know!

But after about 30 minutes, she started feeling better and we were cut loose.  She wanted soup so we went to Panera – she sat in the car while I ran in.  We both ended up getting the low fat chicken orzo soup – holy cow was it good!  The soup was only 160 calories – the bagette that comes with it?? 180 calories!  But together it was still only a 9 point lunch and it hit the spot.   This picture looks like ass, but the soup really was delicious.

Then she went to bed and slept for a couple hours and felt much better.  She was a bit fuzzy when she woke up, but after another hour she felt pretty good.

My Mom just had her kitchen redone – I love her kitchen cabinets, but look at how tall they are!

And that’s when I saw my Dad’s coffee mug.

And then I realized that tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of his death.  It seems so weird that so much time has gone by.  Hannah was only 6 when he passed away.  I lived with my parents from the time Hannah was two months old until she was five, and I am so glad Hannah still has strong memories of her Poppy!  No matter how many years have gone by, I still miss him. 🙁

When I got home I really didn’t have a meal plan, since Tony hadn’t been feeling too good I kept putting meat in the freezer.  So basically I told him our options are chili mac, burgers or taquitos.  He said he was find with anything, so guess what I made – Mexican! 😀  Beef and spinach taquitos with black beans.  I am reusing a picture from before because both my cameras batteries needed to be charged.

Dinner comes in at 10 points:

Stats for Thursday:

  • no exercise
  • 31 points (includes two string cheeses unphotographed)
  • average blood sugar 122

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  And if your Poppy is still alive, give him an extra hug from me. 😀