About a week ago, blog reader Jenn M. (hey Jenn!) posted on my Facebook wall that King Arthur flour had an everything bagel seasoning.  What?!  I clicked the link and saw this!


But then I saw the price tag – $10!  So I decided to make my own.  I already had the poppy seeds and sesame seeds, so I bought dried garlic and yes. . .  I bought dried onions!  I mixed in a bowl 1/3 cup of each and mixed it up.  Then when they came out of the boiling water, sprinkled them generously with the seasoning.

5.12 001

OMFG – so good!  And guess what?  I didn’t mind the dried onion.  I had a bagel sammie yesterday morning.

5.12 008

It was super chilly and windy, but that didn’t stop me and my co-worker from getting our steps in.  Although the path that we took got rained out and we had to turn around.  I’ve been walking on this trail for a few years and I’ve never seen it like that before.

5.12 012

I bought these lo carb wraps over the weekend – I love how “fluffy” they are – not sure how to describe them!  Each one is 120 calories and 13 grams of fiber!

5.12 016

I made a chicken, black bean, spinach, refried bean panini quesadilla – with the beans my lunch was about 36 grams of fiber!  Thankfully, I didn’t crap my pants later in the day.

5.12 021

Later in the day I got a notification that my Timehop was ready.  It’s funny because 99% of the time it’s all about food, but yesterday I got this.  When I see a picture like that, it’s just a wave of emotions, but bottom line is I miss him so much.

5.12 033

Hannah is working late three days this week, but last night she was home.  I decided to make one of her favorites, potstickers and fried rice.  Making potstickers isn’t hard, it’s just time consuming.  I made 36 wontons and then got my big skillet out to steam and pan fry them up. Look at how pretty they are!

5.12 045

Only when it was time to get them out of the pan?  No budging.  WTF?  I’ve never had that happen before.  I was starting to get really frustrated, and Hannah was so sweet, so kept telling me “but they will taste good Mom!”   As I was putting elbow grease into getting them out of the pan, I stopped getting mad.  What the hell am I getting all worked up about?  People in Nepal had just suffered another earth quake and here I was getting pissed off about ugly potstickers?  It was so childish of me. 

5.12 035

5.12 042

So here’s the deal to the all the Momma’s out there with older children.  If you start to have a hissy fit if a dish doesn’t turn out, your child will pour you a glass of wine, and tell you to sit down, they will clean the kitchen.

Before (I am a messy cook!)  And yes, I know I have a horrible ugly kitchen, missing cabinet doors and all!

5.12 046


5.12 001

I played the lottery last night, and when I woke up I got an email that told me I won!  Well, I won $6, so I guess I better get out of my pajamas and get to work.  I got my steps in yesterday though!

5.12 049

Make it a great day!