I am happy to announce that my final WI with Dietbet has been verified, now just have to wait and see how many people met their goal to see how much of the pot I won.  I weighed in before work and Hannah wasn’t up yet to take my full body picture yet for me to submit with my final WI.  When I got home from work, I pulled out the same tank I wore in the first picture and then did a comparison.  These pictures were taken 28 days apart.

PicMonkey Collage side by side

Yep, that’s where all my fat likes to be – right in the middle like a big old apple!  I RARELY show the side view, but I just had to show this.  And yes, the carpet still hasn’t been replaced (on a long list of things I need to fix around here!) and still dog toys everywhere.  So while 8 pounds might not seem like a lot, I can’t help be thrilled that my body is shrinking before my eyes.  It’s my plan to take these progress pictures once a month for motivation.   I think I will join another DietBet that starts on Monday – I do like the motivation.  That and eating a higher protein menu is what’s been key for me this last month.  Oh, and I may have walked lots and lots of steps!  There were only six days in the last 28 that I didn’t hit the minimum of 10,000 steps, and 15 days I walked over 15,000 steps – even had a few 20k+ step days!  So let’s keep the momentum going!

Breakfast was a Chobani parfait with pineapple and grapes, and on the side, 2 ounces of deli roast beef and garlic and herb cheddar cheese.  You’d think I’d eat the salty stuff first and eat the parfait for dessert, but I did it the other way around. 

4.20 003

I had my first physical therapy session yesterday, but it wasn’t until 1:30.  I contemplated not eating lunch until after I got back, but in the end I ate right around 1:00.   I literally looked at the clock before I left for work yesterday and I had five minutes and said to myself “you can make a burger!”  I simply seared it on high heat for about 2 minutes a side, then threw it hot into a tupperware container and threw it in my lunch bag.  I reheated it for about 45 second in the microwave, then finished it off under the toaster oven with Chobani’s garlic and herb cheese.  Then topped it on a whole wheat bun with veggie “chips” on the side.  Topped with the hot gardiniera, this lunch was so filling and delicious!

4.20 011

Since I only seared my burger for a few minutes, even after reheating it, it was still a perfect medium rare.  I am sure my sister is throwing up in her mouth seeing a burger that pink!

4.20 013

So the PT place is right across the street from my office, which was why I picked it.  My appointment was at 1:30.  Filled out a couple pieces of paperwork, then waited 15 minutes, then went to the front desk and told them I was on my lunch break and wondered with the physical therapist would be ready.  She popped in the back, came back and said “it will just be another minute.”  I get lost on Instagram and Pinterest on my phone and now realize I’ve waited 30 minutes already.  The appointment is only supposed to last 30 minutes!  I went to the front desk and said “I may need to reschedule, I’ve already waited 30 minutes” when the therapist came out and said “I thought your appointment was at 2?”  Um, no, every appointment I have is 1:30.  She apologized, and when I told her that the front desk girl went to the back twice to see how long you’d be she said “no one ever told me you were here.”  Gah.  So needless to say, we didn’t start off on the right foot, but I cooled my jets – didn’t need to sweat the small stuff, and we got 25 minutes in before I had to leave.

Turns out my IT bands are tight, and my hamstrings are severely tight – when lying down on the bench I couldn’t straighten out either leg – both were at like 45 degree angles!  So we are going to work on that, and start the actual PT on Wednesday.

I ended up doing chest for strength, then finished off with a 3.5 mile walk on the treadmill.

4.20 014

I came home and asked Hannah and Jacob if they would prefer French dip sandwiches or soba noodle stirfry, and French dip won out.   I had half a bun size with 2 ounces of beef, NO CHEESE what??!! and cottage cheese and a few fries on the side.

4.20 023

Check out the potato that was in my bag of potatoes – bigger than Hannah’s head!

4.20 016

So let’s recap my Sunday afternoon since I didn’t have time yesterday morning.  Some mornings just zip by me and I look up and think “crap, I am still in my jammies!”

The choir is quite large, and even though I was in the 5th row, my Momma was tiny!

4.19WE 047 - find nana

I sat with my friend Laura (blog reader – hi!) and her Mom.  I was pissed because Laura keeps giving me stuff and Saturday I made her my homemade salsa (not too spicy!) to bring to her and I got half way to the concert and realized I had forgotten it – damn!  Of course, she had treats for me again – more hot sauces, hand soap and some lotion – thanks Laura!  She even put it in a snowman bag – love it!  THANK YOU!

final WI 008

The concert was lovely.  The only thing that went wrong is one older gentleman in the choir kind of passed out and they had to call an ambulance, and there was a pause in the show while that was taking place.  I am hoping he’s alright, I need to ask my Mom how he’s doing. 

After dinner we went to Lake Street Bar & Grill.  My Mom has been there a few times, but it was my first time there.  I have to admit the reviews were pretty mixed about both the food and the service, but I thought since it was a Sunday night it wouldn’t be too bad.

PicMonkey Collage - lake

We each got a glass of wine.  I got the sauvignon blanc, my Mom got a glass of pinot grigio.  I really liked mine and I’ll have to see how pricey it is by the bottle.

4.19WE 060

Mom got trout almondine, and ate every bite of it.  Well, except for the skin!  We got an extra order of the grilled asparagus, delicious.  And I , of course, got the charcuterie plate.  It wasn’t very big, but as it was, with the crostini it was generous at $15 and I could only eat half of it.  It had this delicious whole grain mustard, honey on the side, almonds, baby dill pickles.  The only thing I would have preferred was to have a crunchy crustini vs. a soft bread, but it was delish.  

I had to get a picture of the stove, and when I told the cook “I’d love to have one of these in my backyard!” he said “they sell ovens for the home!”  Well of course they do!  Starting at just a mere $13,500!  No problem! 

Someday I will have an outdoor pizza oven, just need to win some more recipe contests or win the lottery!

It’s a blustery 35 degrees right now so I am opting to do stretching at home vs. walking outside this morning.  Make it a great day and remember, it’s consistency not perfection!  I think I was the queen of that motto these last 28 days!