I made breakfast nachos again yesterday morning – I could probably eat them every day and never get sick of them.  I posted it on Instagram, tagged Frank’s RedHot, and check it out – they are now following me on Instagram! Open-mouthed smile

2.9 002

2.9 027

I never got a chance to workout at lunch – the attorneys are getting new cell phones and I needed to program them to our server as soon as my boss got back from the cell phone store.  What she thought should have been a 30 minute job, ended up being nearly 3 hours – I could have gone had I known she was going to be gone that long.  Oh well!   I ended up bringing the second half of my cheat meal from Sunday and heated the smoked sausage and sauerkraut panini in my panini maker at work.  I don’t consider this a cheat meal, just the second half of one!

2.9 007

We still have lots of snow on the ground, but by this time of year I am really over it.  This was my view from the gym after work.

2.9 009

I challenged myself on the weights I was using last night – I ended up doing 40 pounds on the bench press!   Then I ended up doing a 5k on the treadmill at 5% incline while watching Food Network.

2.9 013

My Aunt Cele gave me Food Network magazine for Christmas and I love it.  Even though I downsized all my cooking magazines, I still like getting that one.  I saw this chili picture and asked Hannah if she and Jacob would eat it, and she gave me two thumbs up.  Probably because of the fucking French fried onions on top!

2.9 008

I didn’t alter the recipe too much, just added in some more veggies and of course left out the onions in the actual chili.  And I did not partake in the French fried onions on top thank you very much, but Hannah and Jacob loved it.



2.9 022

This is what I like to call “company” chili because it isn’t too spicy, but has just enough kick from the jalapeno and chipotle pepper.  I LOVED the sour cream, although just a tablespoon on top was plenty – it made a lot!  I plan on having chili mac for lunch today with the leftovers.

I still ended up with decent steps yesterday even without my lunch time workout:

2.9 002

I am stopping by Hannah’s work on the way in, not sure if I am in the mood for a breakfast parfait or an egg sammie – they have punch cards and Tuesday’s is a double punch card – I think you only need 10 punches on the card to get a free coffee.

Make it a great day!