We have a winner to my brother’s AUTOGRAPHED book. . . drum roll please . .  .


My best friend gave cancer everything she had and fought so hard. I will never forget her courage and determination. Here’s to 2018 and making the most of each day. The door to my new house is open so come visit anytime!

Congrat Kris!  Shoot me an email at mybizzykitchen@gmail.com with your mailing address and I’ll send it to my brother.  


Yesterday on the train platform it was 53 degrees. . . this morning?  15, but with the windchill felt closer to zero degrees.  Mother Nature, why you got to play us like that?!  

I may have been a bit heavy handed with the egg whites in this omelette as big as my head 😛  I added 1/2 ounce sharp cheddar, a tablespoon of bacon bits (3) and had two ounces of deli ham on the side (1) for a 4 point breakfast.

While it was near 60 degrees at lunch (we almost broke a heat record!) it was rainy, so Jenn and I walked Macy’s. I brought chili for lunch, but wasn’t feeling it, so got a cup of tomato basil bisque.  She asked me if I wanted a bag, and this is the giant bag she gave me!  I am counting the soup as 7 points, because being a “bisque” not sure if there is heavy cream in there or not.

I got right back to work when I got back and ate it at my desk, my blood sugar was 63 so I didn’t take insulin with lunch.  This was suprisingly delicious.

About four weeks ago my sister texted me a box from Blue Apron.  My first response was “wow, she’s going to cook outside her comfort zone!”  Nope, it was the right address, wrong name.  She called Blue Apron, they apologized for the mistake, and said she could keep the food.  She brought most of the food to a co-worker of hers who is struggling after a divorce, so it went to good use.

Second week?  Same thing – Blue Apron had the same response. . . Keep It!  At one point I was like “someone is paying for that food?!”

When I went to her house last Saturday night for Christmas, she gave me some stuff she knew her family wouldn’t eat, and I would be all over – namely shrimp and beef.  The beef package was labeled “beef medalians” and Jacob and I thought it was two giant thick steaks.  Imagine our surprise when we opened the package and it was 6 small steaks.  But hey, it’s beef, so I am not complaining!

Since they were so thin, I only cooked them about 90 seconds per side.  I paired that with cooked carrots (which I just learned was Jacob’s favorite way to eat carrots – um, he’s only lived with me for three years and I didn’t know that!).  In the middle is a serving of polenta (3) and I made a quick mushroom gravy for the top.  Dinner came in at 7 points.

In case anyone is wondering, my dry January is still going strong, and I have three bottles of wine in my pantry that people gave me for Christmas that haven’t been touched.  

I was in the living room, doing some computer work and had both dogs under the blanket with me, so I texted Jacob “I have your babies and can’t get up, can you bring me a cup of coffee?”  So sweet. And I love this mug – I bought it at Goodwill for .25 cents.

I have a three day weekend!   I may be buying a new car this weekend, my lease is almost up on my Juke – can’t believe how fast three years went by!  All I know is I don’t need as deluxe a car as I had – do I really need my car to read me my Facebook comments??!!  #no #noidont

Maybe my Mom and I can try to go to the movies this weekend, but this time buy our tickets in advance – let me know if you are free Momma!  Um, I mean, you will probably cancel plans just to be with your favorite child, right?!

Happy Friday friends – have a great weekend!