What a whirlwind weekend!  While the reason I was going was bittersweet, it was so nice to see family, some of whom I haven’t seen in years.  Normally I am really nervous to fly.  All the sounds, etc.  But I told myself I had a better chance of getting hit by a car than I did dying in a plane crash, and that seemed to work.  I didn’t even get nervous when they were deicing the plane!

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We had a layover in Boston, so this was about all I saw of that city – but it’s on my bucket list to come back.

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I met my cousins new granddaughter – meet Riley – so tiny and cute!

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I sent this picture to my brother and sister and Charlie wrote back “I love Chobani!”  Ha!  Actually, funny story.  On that back of that shirt it says “100% Real”  Coming back through Boston, one of the ticket agents looked at my shirt and said “your shirt is a lie.”  I said “what?” and she said “They don’t make their yogurt in Greece, so your shirt is a lie.”  I tried to explain that Chobani has never once mislead the public about where their yogurt is made, but it was a losing argument.  Gah.

My Aunt remodeled her house since the last time I was there.  She had a pantry added, and new back entryway added, a new bigger downstairs bathroom a second story 3-season porch and a new pantry.

I slept on the 3-season porch.  One night it was 39 degrees and the next night it was 43 degrees out there, but with an electric blanket, it was pure heaven.  I felt like I was sleeping in a tree house!

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My Mom snuck in and took that picture.  Seriously the best sleep I’ve had in a while.  Friday night I did a very stupid thing.  We were getting ready for bed and I brought out my bag that has my insulin in it and test strips.  We’d just gotten back from an amazing dinner, and mostly when I eat out, I guess at the amount of insulin I should take and then adjust it at home.  Well, I had bites of key lime pie and crème Brule, so my blood sugar was 324.  I start to take my night time insulin first – it’s 30 units, so I measure out 30 units on my pen, inject myself and then when putting the cap back on, realize I’ve given myself 30 units of fast acting insulin!  Fuck.  So I had my tablet and quickly googled “what do you do when you mistakenly take fast acting insulin . . .” and immediately saw the first thing that said “don’t panic.”  Basically since I recognized it right away,  I had to meet the insulin with carbs – I usually take 1 unit of insulin for every 5 grams of carbs I eat, so I ate 60 grams of carbs in the form of peanut M&M’s – which is 3/4 of a cup in case you are wondering.  I wasn’t even hungry either.  So I stayed up another hour and kept testing my blood sugar, then ended up setting my alarm every hour to check it.  I checked it at 1:30 and my blood sugar had gone down to 81, so I set my alarm for 30 minutes, and tested it and it was already back up to 130 so I just rolled over and went to bed.

My cousins memorial was amazing.  Sadly though there was a huge accident on the main highway to get there, so there were about 7 cars of family members who were stuck in the traffic, but they delayed the service for 20 minutes until we got there.  It was pretty much standing room only – probably at least 500 people or more.  She was loved, but a couple of the things that stuck out to me most was that when her husband stood up to speak, he said something like “I have to figure out how to live my life without my best friend” and I just immediately started crying right then and there.  They were married 34 years – 20 years more than Tony and I, but my grief is no less.  They were a very devoted to each other, and their son said that he could never tell who loved the other one more because it too hard to tell.  Her son also said that she treated everyone she met the same exact way, and one of her students spoke – she was already 30 and she said before she turned 30 last year she called Pam, already 12 years after she graduated, so that tells you something about how Pam loved to stay in touch with students, but she called Pam and said “I don’t know what to do for my 30th birthday” and Pam said “write down 30 things you want to do in this year and do them!”  She admitted that she only completed 5 so far, but that she will get to the rest of the 35.

I need to get ready for work, but I’ll talk more about my weekend – it was surprisingly uplifting and inspiring – I can’t wait to talk about that!  Looking forward to catching up with you guys.  Mom, you were a wonderful Godmother to Pam, and she knew it!

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