Since Tony passed away we’ve only used the living room in the front of the house a few times.  I don’t know what it is, but we usually hang out in the back of the house – in the kitchen and in the back family room.  It’s cozier I guess?  We did use the living room on NYE when we watched a movie when we had a 3 year old sleep over.  I sat in Tony’s beloved recliner, which was kind of weird.  His knees were really bad so he never actually “sat” down in the chair, more like fell backwards into it while holding onto the sides of the chair.  Because of that, the foot rest was really hard to open and close.  In fact, I needed Hannah’s help to close the foot rest that night.

Yesterday, I went into the living room to turn the lights on when I got home.  The kids were still at the gym.  And this is how I saw Tony’s chair:

tost 003

I guess Tony wanted to have a seat!  I have no idea how it opened up like that, it was tough for me to put the foot rest down again.  Weird!

I ended up using the leftover steak from the night before and made a steak/egg beater/baby spinach and American cheese open face breakfast sammie and had a sliced apple on the side.

tost 008

I had legs on the workout menu – before I went to the gym I just looked up the exercises so I knew what I would be doing.  I never really noticed the reps or sets!

tost 044

I put that on Instagram when I got back from the workout.  It’s the three faces of my workout – the first one is nervous!  The second face is, hey, this isn’t too bad!  And the third face?  I hate fucking lunges!  But I did everything and it took me just over 25 minutes.  I ended up with 1.5 miles on the treadmill.

tost 042

Louise, you’ll be happy to know i made another batch of lasagna soup!   Just click on the lasagna soup hyperlink and you can see how many times I’ve linked to this recipe!  This time with rotini pasta.  I had all the ingredients leftover from our lasagna roll ups, just needed to pick up some Italian sausage.  This may be batch number 117!  I normally leave the cheezy goodness out of it, but since I had the ricotta cheese, I just added a bit on top and swirled it in.

tost 021

I didn’t end up going to the gym after work last night – I don’t want to overdo it, so I went to Walmart and got my eyes threaded.  I asked Hannah earlier in the day what she felt like for dinner – I never did do a meal plan for this week, and we had all the fixings for taco salads except for romaine.  I had a taste for crunchy tacos, so I picked up these white corn tortillas.  I was very careful where I put them in the car, but when I got home and opened them, of them was broken.

tost 047

So I went with Plan B – tostadas!  I used canned black bean refried beans, ground sirloin, carrots, a bit of cheese, lettuce, etc. – all three total 470 calories and 22 grams of protein.  So good!

tost 048 - pic

I got all my steps in yesterday too – I am bummed because if I had worn my fitbit on Monday, I’d be near the top of the list on my fitbit friends page – oh well!

tost 005

Another cold day ahead, right now it’s 0 degrees but will get colder throughout the day – but with the wind chill feels like –24 degrees! 

tost 004

Jacky and Jenn, I hope you guys bundle up to get downtown today!  Alright, off to shower – I think I am going to stop by Starbuck’s for a protein box on my way to work for breakfast, and may treat myself to a coffee too – turns out I have a lot of Starbucks gift cards! Open-mouthed smile Make it a great day!