I am just wondering as I typed that title how many google searches I’ll get with “Weenie Winks” in the title.  Ha!  Okay people.  You need to settle a bet between me and Tony.  Recently I bought Tony some Lit’l Smokies for a football snack.

lil smokies

Growing up on Christmas Eve our family would have a big smorgasbord of food – all different kinds of things from cheese trays, crackers, finger food type things.  We would set it up around 7 at night then snack as we wanted and then would pretty much leave everything out, go to church and then come back and eat some more.  One of the things my brother always made (or liked and my Mom made them – can’t remember!) was these smoked sausages in bbq sauce – we’d have tooth picks on the side and you could just dip your toothpick right in there and get all that bbq sauce too.  We always called this Weenie Winks.  I was positive this was a popular term that most Midwesterners would know, but Tony somehow didn’t get the memo on this one.  He thinks I am  crazy for even coming up with the term Weenie Winks – so I am hoping at least ONE person can back me up on this!

After taking it easy on Sunday and sleeping like a log Sunday night, I was back to normal yesterday morning – felt great!  I ended up making more breakfast tacos over the weekend, so I just reheated these in the toaster oven and had a Chobani on this side.  Those are blue corn tortillas by the way.Open-mouthed smile

cold 001

I had every intention of going to the gym at lunch, but work had other plans for me.  We had a client in and I saw my window of going growing smaller and smaller as the day progressed.  I ended up having to pick up lunch at Panera.  As I was standing in line I just happened to look over at the cinnamon buns.  My step-son would love those! 

cold 005

Each one would only set you back 630 calories and 24 grams of fat – holy shizz!  The pecan rolls – 740 calories!  No wonder they taste so good.  I set up lunch, kept working and before I knew it, it was 1:30 and I was hungry!  I ended up eating half of a leftover sandwich, and a cup and a half of lasagna soup I made last week and never ate.  I left the noodles out for a lower carb soup and with the sammie it was a filling lunch.

cold 009

As soon as I took the sandwich out of the bag I smelled it.  The dreaded red onion!  I don’t do sliced tomato on sandwiches either.  I know I am weird.

cold 013

Had I had more time, I would have pulled out my panini maker and toasted this bad boy up, but it was tasty.  This half sandwich was 290 calories, not too bad.

cold 015

cold 019

And before I knew it, it was time to come home.  I have to say it was nice coming straight home after last week!   Better yet?  Tony made dinner!  This is one of his favorites – Zataran’s red beans and rice and smoked sausage – cooked in our rice maker.  Takes about 25 minutes but he starts it so its basically ready by the time I come home.  I steamed up a cup of broccoli for the bottom – then 1 cup of the red beans and rice and 3 ounces of the sausage.  Don’t worry, generous amounts of hot sauce was added after this picture was taken!

cold 027

cold 030

I couldn’t decide which picture to post, so you get both.  You are welcome!

Stats for the Day:

  • 1508 calories, 53 fat, 158 carbs, 102 protein and 18 fiber
  • 42% of calories from carbs, 30 from fat and 27 from protein
  • no exercise
  • average blood sugar – a perfect 104

Okay, so since Spark People is giving me $5k for my buffalo chicken chili recipe, I thought it only fair that I check out their site again.  I used Spark People a long time ago, and for one reason or another, just didn’t find it as user friendly as some other sites.  But I have to give them props.  I actually like this better than calorie count!  The app is easier to use on my phone, there is a ton more detail, and it lets me put in my blood sugars for the day as I test them.  This morning it was 151 – before lunch it was 98, and after dinner it was 65.  Oops, I may have given myself a tad too much insulin at dinner, so I ate half a cup of grapes and I was fine.

cold 007

Do you send out holiday cards or any type of greeting cards anymore?  If so, Louise is your go to for beautiful hand made cards.  She has an etsy shop and I just bought some holiday cards from her – one of them of course is a snowman!  I can’t link to it because its off her shop because I bought them, but check out some of her cards – so talented!

merry christmas



If you have some special cards you need to send, I hope you check out her shop. 

It’s another busy day in the office with depositions going on – I swear since I started at the restaurant my day job has been busier than it has in months – go figure! 

Make it a great day!