If I were to describe the last six weeks of my life I would say this.  It’s like I am on a Merry Go Round, and it keeps spinning faster and faster and I keep trying to get the operators attention to have them slow it down or stop it, but no one is there to hear me and it just continues to spin around and I just have to hold on for dear life.

One thing I do know, is that life is change.  While obviously I have had the biggest life change when Tony died, life does in fact go on without him, whether I like it or not. 

One good change that has happened?  HANNAH GOT ENGAGED!

she said yes

Yep – Hannah and her boyfriend of five years got engaged a couple weeks ago.   Not only that but . . . they are moving in with me.  Like today.  They have been living with Jacob’s Mom in a Chicago bungalow where they had a type of in-law suite in the basement with their own living space, and only had to contribute a small amount towards the rent and it was a perfect situation.  Fast forward and Jacob’s Mom ran into a high school sweet heart at the grocery store this past fall, they rekindled their relationship, they got engaged and MARRIED on 12/13/14 and she’s moving in with her husband obviously and that means no more super cheap rent for the kids.

I’ve never lived alone.  In fact these last few weeks have been the longest I’ve lived by myself in my whole life.  But that won’t last long because today not only do I get two young adults moving in, I also get . . . two dogs!  I really hope the older dog becomes my lap dog, we’ll see.  Their tiny dog just wants to lick the tears off my face!

So for now, the Merry Go Round keeps spinning around – so I guess I’ll just settle in and enjoy the ride!  CONGRATS HANNAH AND JACOB!  I love you!