I kept my promise.  It’s a hectic morning around here, so I am taking a blog break today.  I also need to write a post where tears are not streaming down my face!

So on a lighter note, I make the treats after our office Christmas party every year, and our luncheon is on Friday.  This is such a simple thing to do, but it’s a show stopper.  Simply dip a sourdough pretzel into melted white chocolate, then drizzle with dark chocolate and then press toffee bits into the chocolate before it hardens.  No baking, super cheap – Michael’s sells the chocolate for $2.29 a bag. The best part about that chocolate is that it can be melted in the microwave over and over until it’s all used up.


12.9 022

That picture was taken with my iPhone 4, using the app Photo Toaster to edit.  I made it vibrant, then I antiqued the background.  I think it looks kind of cool – and I love the heart shape of the finished product too.  Um, for the record, this is insulin worthy!  I bought ceramic baking pans at Michael’s too – they were $1 each, and I bought a package of cellophane wraps to finish it off. 

12.9 002

Of course I bought the snowmen pans – duh!   There is so much noise on my roof now, I am not sure how I am going to get out of the house without getting hit by old roofing material!  Wish me luck.  Make it a great day!