I realize that not everyone who follows my blog, follows me on Instagram or Facebook, so I thought I would post Tony’s obituary here.  With the help of my brother Charlie, I think it fits him (and us) perfectly.

You all know my nickname is Biz, but every couple years Tony would add another name.  My middle name is Ann, so Tony called me Biz Ann for a while.  Then he added another name and called me Biz Ann Mae.  Then it was Biz Ann May Alcott (because Little Women is one of my favorite books).  Then he added Biz Ann Mae Alcott DeFazio.  Why?  I don’t know.  And the last was Biz Ann May Alcott DeFazio DiGiorno.  DiGiorno is my favorite frozen pizza if I am in a pinch.

Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you kind messages, notes, texts, comments, emails, etc.  You’ve helped me get through this week more than you’ll ever know.  I am so grateful.

Jeffrey Carlo Velatini, 54, of Cary, died Tuesday December 2, 2014 at home surrounded by family.

Jeff was proud of his Italian heritage but even more proud of the fact that he had two distinct eyebrows and no back hair. A lifelong Chicago White Sox apologist, he was eager to point out the number of years the Cubs had gone without a World Series win. It’s been one hundred and six years. This remains the longest championship drought in North American professional sports. The longest.

Jeff loved Grey Goose, good whiskey, and a fine cigar while complaining about the odors emanating from the kitchen of his wife of nearly fourteen years. “What smells like ass?” was a favorite phrase.

Jeff (a.k.a Tony) is survived by his pretty wife, Elizabeth (a.k.a. Biz Ann Mae Alcott DeFazio DiGiorno, nee Hills); children, Joseph Carlo (Liz) Velatini and Hannah Hills; his parents, Carl and Bonnie Velatini; sister, Jody Velatini; mother-in-law, Jerry Hills; many nieces, nephews and cousins.

Memorial visitation will be held from 4-9p.m., Friday, December 5, 2014, at Davenport Family Funeral Home, 419 E. Terra Cotta Ave., Crystal Lake, IL 60014.

Burial will be held privately. Ashes to be scattered at the place where the White Sox play (Jeff refused to acknowledge the name “U.S. Cellular Field”), Soldier Field, and in Ponte Vecchio, Italy.

Memorials may be made to Rainbow Hospice, www.rainbowhospice.org.