We made it up to 40 degrees yesterday and actually had some sunshine!  And we may even reach 50 on Saturday – come on spring!!

For breakfast I had an egg sammie and some delicious blackberries – they were on sale for 2.00 a pint!

move 001

I challenged myself on March 1st to do three things:

March Goals

  • walk/run/move 45 miles
  • get to the gym 2 times a week before work for a 4 mile walk
  • more veggies and fruits (I may do a smoothie a day!)

Why I think if I write something down on this blog that it’s going to force me to do it.  The gym 2 times a week before work?  Didn’t happen.  A smoothie a day?  That didn’t happen either.  I looked back though and discovered I still needed to MOVE 29 miles before the end of the month.  If nothing else, I will reach that 45 mile goal!

I ended up doing the bike on random hill climb.  I ended up going 8 miles in 34 minutes!  Then I did abs on the bosu and push ups on the bosu.

move 028

I watched The Chew while I worked out – sadly they were making an onion and cherry tomato salad – ew!  Tony and I have deemed the purple onion to be the worst in the onion family. Crying face

move 026

It’s really weird this week.  I am not cooking for anyone this week!  My two bosses are on spring break, so is my SIL, and our office is closed on Friday for Good Friday, so no Souper Friday.

It was the perfect opportunity though for me to make a Leftover Tasting Plate as I like to call it.  What it’s really called though is “throw shit in a bag and see what happens!”

I had a can of this that I bought a couple weeks ago.  I think I’ve mentioned this brand of hummos before – my store sells it for .99 a can and 2 tablespoons is only 35 calories, but the best part is that it’s delicious!  It has a nice lemon tang to it.

move 004

move 007

So this is how my tasting plate turned out:

move 009

A random grilled potato, leftover shrimp cocktail, a 100 calorie pita I toasted in the toaster, carrots, cucumber, apple, blackberries and hummos.  So good!  And this took me nearly an hour to eat while I was working at my desk!  I ended up splitting up my insulin, so I took half to start, and then half way through took the rest.

I posted on Facebook yesterday thanking Tony for making his amazeballs fried rice for dinner.  We plan on doing a tutorial video in the near future to show you how he makes it, since he rarely uses measurements.  Tony in action:

move 014

The end result:

move 017

I did add some sriracha to this after I took this picture, but it’s so delicious.  And I have leftovers for at least the next two days! Open-mouthed smile

I read a blog a while back, can’t remember whose it was, but it said that you should find different places in your house to take pictures and see where the best natural light is.  For the above picture?  I chose my back door on a piece of leftover wood!

move 019

I plan on painting that board white on one side, and maybe another color on the back – I think black would be too dark – any thoughts??

So my goal for the remainder of March is to get that last 21 miles in.  But I really need to get my head in the game for the month of April. 

I have a few bloggers I wanted to give a shout out too that have started to turn my thinking to the positive side.

Aimee wrote a post about being Unapologetic for her eating over the weekend.  Aimee is a lifelong dieter/binger and has come a long way in how she views food – nothing is off limits and she routinely eats healthy to fuel her body to run.  She indulged in a few things over the weekend, and moved on.  Now that’s a non-scale victory if I’ve ever seen one!  Great job Aimee – you can read her post here.

Sam has been through a lot this last year.  She separated, then divorced last year.  She moved back home.  She’s now met someone new.  She had made herself a motivational wall to help keep her on track to meet her goals.  I liked the idea of having a piece of paper for every pound she needs to lose – to me it’s not to show how far you have to go, but to see how far you’ve come.  I am proud of you Sam and am happy that you are finally putting yourself first!  You can read her post here.

And Caron is an At Goal Weight Watcher.  She has an amazing leader at her WW meetings.  She dresses up for no reason and seems like a very motivating leader!

This is part of her post that her WW leader talked about, hope you don’t mind me sharing it Caron!

She was talking about how much the Easter buffet really costs if you go with the attitude of “I’m going to get my money’s worth.” How many times have I said that!
She chose a price of $30 for the buffet and then began to add in the cost of going to Weight Watchers. The first meeting after joining costs you $13 and you have lost 2.6 pounds which is great. The second meeting also costs $13 and after the Easter binge at the buffet, you are up 3 pounds. The next week you go back to weigh in and you are down .4 and you are delighted, do a little dance and say things like “I’m back baby!” and “Look at me go!”
Now for the math, and I hope I do this right. You paid $39 for three weeks of Weight Watchers and $30 for your fancy Easter buffet. At the end of three weeks you are right back where you started on the first weigh in and you are HAPPY. You paid $69 and you have lost NOTHING. It’s a great little exercise and I hope it helps people to have second thoughts about getting their money’s worth.

I hope you can find inspiration in these ladies as I have!  Who inspires you lately?

Only two more work days this week – gotta love a 3 day work week! Make it a great day!