I would like to propose that I only work two days a week, get to travel, yet still make the same amount of money I make now.  Mkay?!   But somehow I don’t think my work would accept that proposal!  I am like the “glue” that holds everything together at work.  If something goes wrong, I am the first to be told about it and asked to “fix it.”  Case in point.  Last Monday as I was pulling into the hotel, my boss sent me a text “The copier isn’t working.”  I quickly replied back “what’s wrong with it” because then I could let her know how to handle it.  Meanwhile I step into the lobby of Extended Stay America, and also checking in is the marketing person who introduces herself to me, tells me how excited she is to meet me and the other finalists.  I could hear my phone vibrating as text after text was being left on my phone.

Fifteen minutes later I get to the room and there was a string of emails “give me your personal email and I’ll forward you the email with what’s wrong with the copier.”  “Who should we contact?”  “Do you have a number we can call?”  and the last one “CONTACT INFO PLEASE!”  Damn.  Give me a second.  It’s not like I walk around with phone numbers of the copy service guy on my cell phone!  I quickly called one of the secretaries, told her to call the number that’s on a label on the inside of the copier and where to find the serial number.  I texted my boss back and said it’s being taken care of.  Then she said “cook your ass off in NYC!”

Since I didn’t go grocery shopping last week, it was slim pickings.  As I was thinking what to bring for breakfast I decided to get a protein box at Starbucks (thanks Heather – I still have $19 left on the gift card you gave me!)  I had a banana that needed to be eaten, so just added that in.  I just love the picky plate of food – and I always save the cheese for last.

9.19 013

My knee is still hurting.  I called and made an appointment for 7:30 next Tuesday to get it checked out.  I decided it would be okay to swim, so I swam for 30 minutes – it felt nice to get in the water and feel like I was exercising – it’s been too long!

9.19 019

I ended up bringing the leftover Home Run Inn pizza for lunch, thinking if I reheated it in the toaster oven that the crust would get crispy.  Nope, kinda tasted like ass, even with the addition of hot peppers!

9.19 015

Since we had pizza the night before last, I knew I had no shot at pitching Party Pizza Friday.  I knew I had some pork blade steaks – while Tony doesn’t like thick cut pork chops anymore, he loves this skinny pork chop steak.  It’s on the bone, which he loves – I love the price tag!

9.19 020

I cooked them up on the indoor cast iron grill – I added mustard bbq sauce to mine, and I made twice baked potatoes on the side.  These were just okay – the meat really didn’t have a ton of flavor, which is unusual because I’ve bought these several times before.  I miss our gas grill!  Had I won the $5k, I was definitely going to buy a new gas grill.  A crappy picture for crappy food – ha!  I ate about 1/3 of the pork and half the potato.

9.19 010

Long time readers will know that I am a total meal planner.  It not only saves me $$, but it is nice to know what the game plan is instead of standing in front of the fridge and pantry wondering “what can I make?!”  My blog friend Courtney has some great tips on meal planning (and awesome recipes to boot!).  Check out her post here, which includes free downloads for meal planning and grocery shopping.  And you’ll notice that under meat I have a coupon for a free pound of bacon – score!

9.19 021

I still have a few gaps to fill, but that’s pretty much our menu and grocery list.  Tony’s birthday is on Monday and I don’t know what he wants for his birthday dinner. 

You still have time to leave a comment on this post to win Sunny Anderson’s cookbook – winner will be picked on Monday.

And a happy birthday to my step-son Joe!  His birthday is tomorrow – he turns 25!  I met Joe when he was 10 years old, so it’s been an amazing time watching him grow up to be the man he is today.  I am so proud of you Joe!  I love you!  Have fun with Lizz tomorrow.   And I am #sorrynotsorry for posting the Father Ed picture of you. Open-mouthed smile

PicMonkey Collage - JOe

Have a great weekend!  Looking forward to putting my NYC trip together for you guys next week.  Hugs!