Yesterday was another “throw shit in a bag” food day for me.  I kind of don’t mind those days – makes you get a bit creative I guess?  Breakfast was the last of my blueberry pancakes – I must have gotten interrupted because this is the one and only shitty pic of breakfast, but it was tasty!

8.28 002

One of my co-workers asked if she could go walking with me and of course I said yes.  I reminded her “don’t forget your walking shoes!”  It got time to go, I said “I need to run to my car and get my shoes out of my bag.”  I get to my car – no gym bag.  What?!  Yep, me – the one who walks or goes to the gym pretty much every day at lunch, forgot my bag!  So I ended up wearing my flip-flops for our 3 mile walk.  It worked!

8.28 006

And we saw a snake on our walk yesterday – first time I’ve seen one there!

8.28 003

8.28 007

I ended up making a taco salad for lunch – chopped Romaine, baby spinach, carrots, pickled radishes, taco meat, white beans – the only thing was that I had balsamic dressing at work and thought that would be gross.  So after our trail walk I popped into Subway and for .50 cents bought some ranch to mix with hot sauce for my dressing.

8.28 014

8.28 019

8.28 022

So I usually talk to Tony around 11:30 every day just to touch base.  I called and got voicemail, but left a message that said I was going on a walk.  When I got back I called again, got the machine again.  Huh.  By 1:45 I called his cell phone – still no answer.  By 2:00 I was really getting worried – I had never gone that long in a day without talking to him – and he had a blood test.

So I left work and drove home.  You guys, I was a nervous wreck.  I kept thinking “what if he fell on his way to the bathroom” and couldn’t get up.  I kept going to worst case scenarios and then quickly trying to get them out of my head.  When I walked in the back door, I could hear our turbo fan on in the bedroom – by now it’s 2:20 and because Tony turns off the bedroom light on the lamp next to his bed, I had to get a flash light to turn on the light.  When I looked in the bed, he was flat on his back – sound asleep.   I shook him awake and he was so confused, but thank God he was alright.  I guess he couldn’t fall asleep the night before and had finally just zonked out around 4:00 a.m. – so he’d been asleep about 10 hours – the longest stretch of sleep in probably his whole life.  Once I knew he was fine, I went back to work.   Whew!

Tony asked for skinny bone in pork chops for dinner, so I did a quick stop at the store on my way home.  They still had Cabot cheese on sale 2/$4!   I had baked a couple potatoes over the weekend that were hanging out in the fridge, and decided to make twice baked potatoes on the side.  I used the Farmhouse Reserve on my potato  – holy cow is this cheese delicious.  It’s super creamy on the tongue, but it has a bite to it.  Love.

8.28 029

8.28 034

I tried to make dinner rolls on the side, but they turned out like ass.  I tried to use a mixture of both whole wheat and regular flour, and well, let’s just say they not only looked like ass, but they tasted like ass too.  Once I get more white flour I will try the recipe again.  These basically went straight from the oven right into the garbage.

8.28 010

So yesterday on Instagram I did a #tbt (throw back Thursday for those of you who don’t know).

aj-kane_131111_beth-velatini_039 [ pic

That was from the photo shoot I did last fall for Health Monitor Magazine – you can check out the article here.   Anyway, I put a hash tag of #diabetes – and after I posted it, clicked on that hash tag only to find about a million posts using that hash tag – who knew?!  So I flipped through some of them.  But one caught my eye because her Instagram name was messed_up_dia.  It was a picture of a glucose monitor – I clicked on it, and it said “this is not good.  Need help.  #diabetes #diabetessucks #diabulemia #thin #ana #depressed.  I quickly learned that #ana is anorexia, but what I never heard of before was “diabulemia.”  Well, it turns out that girls that have diabetes are withholding their insulin so that they have a rapid weight loss to stay thin.  I had no idea that was an eating disorder, but it saddens me because while they might not feel the effects of what they are doing now, they are slowing killing themselves – once you start having symptoms like visions loss, nerve damage, etc., it’s too late – you can’t reverse it, only prevent it by managing it.

So I clicked on the #diabulemia hash tag and found another girl who posted a picture of her glucose meter – the number read 31.5 – which is SEVERELY low.  She wrote “no wonder I feel like I’m dying.  Ergh.  Least I feel sick and don’t feel like eating.  Might lose some weight now.”  UPDATE!  Um, turns out this girl is in the UK, so the conversion is different.  I looked it up – her blood sugar is 550!   They want to keep their blood sugar high so that they will lose weight. 🙁

I am in utter shock.  Had any of you heard of this eating disorder before?  I don’t think I could even type if my blood sugar was 31!  It’s just so sad.

I ended up taking one more night off from Insanity, and my knee is all better!  I forgot to tell you that I joined a gym by my house again for the weekends, especially as we head into fall and winter.  They had a special offer for previous members – only $25 from Labor Day weekend through December 31!  Couldn’t pass that one up!  So I plan on hitting the gym this weekend.  I still got my steps in though:

8.28 001

Well, time to get this show on the road – happy Friday!  Does anyone have fun plans for Labor Day weekend?  We don’t have anything specific, which is okay by me.  Have a great weekend – hugs!