I wish I had more definitive news about Tony, but sadly he’s got two more days of tests before we have a plan of action.  I can’t be more specific now until I have all the information.  That’s one thing I don’t like about Mayo is that they never second guess a thing.  They tackle one problem, move to the next.  I wish I could ask “well, if it’s this are you going to do that?” But they only take it one day at a time until they get all the facts.

Tony commented the night before last that he wished he had some headphones because then he could listen to some podcasts on his phone.  So this morning when I got to work I called the gift shop in the hospital and bought him some headphones and had them sent to his room.  She asked if I wanted to write a note and I said to write “Now you can listen to Doug Benson!  Love, Biz”  She took down the note perfectly and it just so happened that I was talking to Tony when someone from the gift shop came in around 11 and brought him the headphones.  He said “someone from the gift shop just brought me something, do you know anything about that?!”  Why yes, yes I did!   It was the least I could do for him.

I’ve been on the lookout for cinnamon chips for the longest time, and finally a couple weeks ago I found them!  I’ve been wanting to recreate Starbucks Cinnamon Chips scones because that was when I fell in love with scones.  I pinned a recipe on Pinterest, but before I could make them, we were off to Mayo again.  So with Tony gone, I got Bizzy in my Kitchen Monday night and got to work.  I did make some modifications from the original recipe.  One:  I didn’t have any yogurt so I subbed in vanilla flax milk.  And I don’t really get into the whole separate the dry ingredients from the wet ingredients – which is probably why I don’t bake very often.  I just put everything in my food processor and just pulsed until the dough came together before putting it on my counter.  It took longer for my oven to come to temperature as it did putting the dough together!


8.4 002
I love how I have my giant container of crushed red pepper in the background.  I LOVE this milk.  I think almost more than almond milk!

8.4 004

I actually used this milk because someone in my office is lactose intolerant.  Um, on my way to work I realized there is butter in the scone, so he couldn’t eat one – dammit!

8.4 003

8.5 018

8.5 018

I know those two pictures are nearly identical, but I couldn’t decide so you get both.  You’re welcome!  These were amazeballs.  Not overly sweet – since I put the chips in the food processor you really got the cinnamon taste in every bite, and every once in a while a big chunk of cinnamon chip.   Without the glaze, each one comes in at 166 calories, 8.3 fat, 20.2 carbs, .4 fiber and 2.5 protein.  With the glaze: 173 calories, 8.3 fat, 22.1 carbs, .5 fiber and 2.5 protein.  Not bad!

I had one without glaze with my breakfast – I had scrambled egg beaters with shredded zucchini and cheese, the other 3 ounce steak I grilled the night before last and one scone.   This breakfast was so filling, I didn’t eat lunch until nearly 2!

8.5 023

I ended up going to the gym, only to get there and realize that I left my gym shoes at my desk when I walked at lunch on Monday.  So I made due – I walked on the treadmill with my flip flops – I got 25 minutes in before the cardiologist called me back and spent 15 minutes on the phone with her and by that time it was time to head back to work.

8.5 025

Now, I know I’ll probably get crap for my lunch, but I did accessorize it with a 1/2 cup of edamame.  And I did have the reduced sodium version, so only 700 mg of sodium vs. the 1200!  I actually bought these for Tony because every once in a while he’ll have a taste for one – they are .28 cents each at Walmart!

8.5 002

8.5 005

I added some sriracha to kick it up a notch – it actually wasn’t too bad!  And I drank about 30 ounces of water to off set the sodium intake.

When I was coming in the back door after work, I didn’t even notice that our friends Maripat and Tom filled up our wood rack too!  Thanks again for all your hard work on getting our tree cut down!

8.5 027

So I defrosted a beef shank I found in our freezer.  I had every intention of treating it like a steak and cooking it on high heat.  Um, no, that wasn’t going to work.  Karli, I should have know that!  So I ended up braising the shank in beef broth on low heat for about 90 minutes.  I plan on making a beef ragu out of it pasta tonight.  So it was onto Plan B.  I still haven’t done any grocery shopping yet, so I fell back to my old standby – pizza!  I ended up making an 8 inch personal pizza, and am proud of myself that I only ate half and put the other half in the freezer right away so I wouldn’t be tempted to go back for seconds.  At a bar I worked at many many moons ago, I made pizzas every Wednesday night which was the regular cooks night off.  They used stick pepperoni and diced it up and I love the taste of it – so much more flavor than the deli pepperoni you get.

8.5 029

8.5 032

You have to check out my blog friend Nicole’s new gluten free cookbook!  She’s an RD, who actually specializes in diabetes, and I’ve gone to her over the years with quick questions I’ve had.  This is her second cookbook – so proud of you Nicole – you can check it out here – 75 recipes that are all gluten free – a perfect gift for someone you may know that has to eat gluten free – food can still taste good!  And Nicole is going to be a new Momma in October!  So excited for all the good things happening in her life right now.

And yep, another reminder to vote for my recipe – you all know I love and appreciate your votes!

Make it a great day!